December 4, 2007

over a cup hot chocolate and ice tea

it's getting really late now, but we just got home. hubs and i, we went out for a drink. not beer or liquor i mean. just hot chocolate and a glass of ice tea. i love time like this, when we're not in a hurry, we just sit down and talk about things that happened, how's the business going, and how our little baby has grown into a cute little boy.

i enjoyed every bit of the conversation, besides that one phrase hubs hit me with. "i told you not to disturb me when i was in bed". he probably told me that phrase a thousand times, i really don't care how many times, cos whether i intentionally 'disturb' him or not, i always get a lecture. so why bother to defend myself? i can't be bothered. let him release his wee bit on anger out, then every thing will be ok.

maybe that's one reason we, as a couple, don't argue much. i gave in a lot, took all the words in, gulped in down with my saliva and we have world peace..


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