December 10, 2007

my idea of a fantastic holiday

Airasia is offering such a big bargain on their air tickets, and i really feel like booking a surprise trip to bangkok for my hubs and our little boy to spend our new year. my sister told me how those shopping complexes mushroomed over the year, and there are endless of retail store i can go, even at midnight.

and then, there's the chatuchak market where they sells souvenirs, decorative items, food and everything else under the sun. the weekend market contains more than 15 000 shops and stalls, has over 200 000 visitors each day, so count me in one of these weekends ok.

well, if hubs is too lazy to come shop with me, he can laze all day at our rented apartment, with our little boy of course. i'll be getting one of those luxurious Holiday apartments so my little boy won't be confine to just a tiny room, daddy can play tom and jerry chase with him while i shop. they can watch satellite television together or just put the barney dvd on play. call for room service at dinnertime when they're hungry, cos they can be sure i'll be shopping till midnight.


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