December 14, 2007

life seems perfect there

this is what i saw. wow, so many gorgeous ladies bare it all to get the perfect tan outside their Hawaiian Beach Rentals chalets. perfect sunny day. the wind and wave was at its peak, good time to go surfing. that's what the boys did. by just looking at them in the cool icy water maeks my body freeze. that is crazy cold. but the boys looked like they are having so much fun doing it.

the seaside was packed with people of all colors, and size. chances are you will find people from every corner of the whole flock to one of the world's best tourist destination to chill out. that's why you'll see one Hawaii Travel Information within the 2 mile radius. just so many of them to guide the tourist to enjoy their time there in hawaii.

this tourist-friendly place has everything a tourist need. places to visit, places to shop, renting of jet-ski, surfing board, beach bike,Oahu vacation rentals like those chalets posh hotels or even service apartment.

who wants to come to hawaii with me. this movie makes me all excited about going there.


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