December 21, 2007

my mobile charges hits the roof!

i'm 780 ringgit poorer today. you know why? i paid my mobile phone bill today after i got a text message saying my calls will be barred in 24 hours. that's the thing about not getting my bill in the post, i opted for the e-statement on the internet so to save 5 ringgit a month. but the thing is i never check my bill online either.

surprise, surprise, the last payment was 3 months ago. i cannot believe i made so many calls in 3 months, at an average of 260 ringgit a month. that doesn't include the other mobile i have. it must be the time when i was in Perth, i called home to check on hubs many many times a day. remember he was sick with pneumonia? Long Distance Phone Rates cost an arm and a leg, more over i was on roaming rates too. should have use the Internet Phone Service instead, it's much affordable, given that you make calls with your prepaid credits so you will never go overboard like me.

But nothing beats the VoiP phone system that gives excellent quality of transmission and very cheap. with the Unlimited Long Distance Calling Plan, call anywhere in the world and chat as long as you like, for the credit never runs out. how cool eh. too bad, i'm still 780 ringgit poorer today. sigh.


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