December 2, 2007

14 years old just got married

how weird to hear this from my uncle. a girl she knew, from the restaurant he often frequents, got married. that's not too weird i know, getting married is not a big deal. but if you're 14 with a buldging belly, it sure is weird.

my uncle went to the wedding dinner, the bride seems to be the more relax. not a little nervous. she was so excited to see so many turnout, nothing short of pure happiness. she's lucky, she has a great family and in-laws to fund her wedding. how possible is it for a 14 year old little girl to have any knowledge about Wedding Planning? she managed to pull through a wedding reception and wedding dinner. she at least deserved to be praised a little, don't you think?

But i still think that planning a wedding should be stress-free, get a wedding planner to do it. Wedding channel has all information a bride-to be needs to know for her wedding, everything from interactive planning tools and expert advice, all for free.


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