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December 31, 2008

Homemade noodles

Homemade noodles, these are really easy to make. Plus it's free from all noodle preservative. So, you can guarantee that it taste damn good. My mom has been making homemade noodles as long as I can remember, even back then when we were all still little. Now, the kids love to help granny make the noodles. Ever chances they get, they'll want to help, but of course granny didn't need all that many pair of helping hands. In fact, my mom regards them as trouble maker.

New Year, New You!

So, Christmas is over, tomorrow we'll be celebrating A brand new year. 2009 that is. I don't know about you, but all my life I never had or did come up with a new year resolution. But as far as I remember, I always promised myself I'll make the effort to be thinner. Aha, that never worked out either. I think my problem lies with me not having the determination to make things work. I read a thousand articles about determination is the key to success, well, let's just say it's easier said than done. I'm such a lousy cat.

At this moment, as we're leaping into a brand new year, I think it's only normal that we reflect on our 2008 achievement, the good and the bad times. I honestly don't know what was it that I did that I can be proud of, besides raising my son. After all, that's about the only thing a housewife does right? Oh, didn't I mentioned we went to the Mamma Mia Musical? That's one thing I'm glad I did. The only thing I could have done better was to bring along my eyeglasses so I could watch the Musical clearly. Bummer I forgot.

I should really think about getting a new pair of spare eye glasses, place it in my handbag so I could use it whenever I need it. I'm actually eyeing on this pair of Holiday frames from ZenniOptical. Bold Acetate Full-Rim Frame in black and lime green, that's so the NEW me. Bold and wiser. But then again, they have a huge variety of cool and affordable holiday frames I love, I still cannot stick to one choice.

As of December 31st, I know I'm supposed to write down some of the things I would like to accomplish next year, but like I said, I'm not a new year resolution person. There goes....

December 19, 2008

New maid has arrived

I'm not so busy anymore. No more doing dirty laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, no more cleaning the dogs shit 2 times a day, no more housework because the maid has finally arrived after two long suffering months of waiting.

After so many lousy maids, we didn't dare to have high expectation on the new maid, but thank God she turned out better than what we thought. She's a little dumb, but we think dummer is better than some sleek cat. She's pretty hands on with the house work, so that really helps.
I just didn't thought it's been this long since I last blog, times really flies. I'm just so grateful the new maid is quite good because that only means I can have more ME time. Yeah.

November 24, 2008

My house is a mess!

Just didn't imagine life will be this hard without a maid. The house is considerable dirty but still torelable. But what the heck right. I seriously cannot keep up with the amount of house chores that keeps adding up and up. It's really a never ending process, especially with two kids in the house that loves to create mess and leaves trails of whatnot they are playing, this house can only get messier by the minute and I seriously cannot keep up! I so need a maid.

Got to go catch some sleep. I really hate to wake up tomorrow with a huge panda eyes and besides that, one can only do so much work a day. No one wants to wake up from the wrong side of the bed and in my case, who's going to do the housework if tomorrow I wake up and find myself with a cervical collars attached to my neck!

Another Sunday without a maid

Another Sunday. What do you normally do on a Sunday? Today as usual, we sleep in until 10am. We promised little darling that we'll bring him to see the rally, but because I forgot to set the clock, we didn't make it. Hubs on the other hand, woke up with body ache and insisted that I massage him on his neck and shoulder. If you follow my baby blog closely, you'll know that he's a rally driver and on this late round of the rally, he crashed.

I've got loads of housework to catch up on. The floor is kind of sticky now, the laundry is like a never ending task, and the dogs are driving me nuts with their stinky shit all over the place. Ouch, please get me a maid!

Two hours late to a wedding

What happened tonight is sure worth telling. A close friend is getting married, and hubs being the anti social person that he is, volunteered to take care of the kids so that my sister will accompany me to the wedding dinner. He was supposed to be back home at 6.30 but he didn't reach home until an hour later. Cocktail party starts at 6:30 and dinner at 7:30pm and imagine a furious me yelling at hubs over the phone asking why is he not back home.

Never mind that we are late, we got lost on the way to the hotel. We just went round and round Putrajaya to search for the IOI Marriot when the fact is IOI Marriot is not even in Putrajaya. Dang!

It rained so heavily and make it all tougher for us to find the place. We got there only at 8:20, which was really embarrassing, but we sure weren't the last ones there. The bride looks so beautiful with her model-like makeup and gorgeous gold wedding gown. Just wondering which Beauty Schools did the artist graduated from. I would sure like to know.

To my good good fwen

Tonight, we celebrate their love. It's sure nice to see that someone you know finally want to settle down to have a family. I must say that he's a lucky man, given that his wife is such a beauty and such a darling too.

Both of them look so lovely together. May I wish the both of you the very best and may this wedding be a start of a wonderful lifetime journey together.

November 22, 2008

Cartoon: a good thing or bad?

What's the best thing you can do on a rainy evening? Take a long long nap of course. I did just that, after we got home from rally. The kids on the other hand, spend an entire evening watching cartoon after cartoon, noddy and friends, pocoyo, ben 10 top their favourite cartoon list.

Do you let your kids watch cartoon on tv? Many months ago, my sister re-subscribe the cartoon channels after I banned the kids from watching it. To me, it's a waste of time to let kids watch cartoons, not to mention that tv can be quite addictive. Seriously, if left unattended, they'll sit there an entire day doing nothing else but eyes all glued on the tv. Also, kids who spend so much time watching cartoon spend so much lesser time studying or reading books. Agree?

What has the society become?

I cannot help but wonder if my kids will abandon me in an old folks home when I'm old and useless. You know how ailing old folks can be quiet a handful, especially those who no longer has control over their own body and need help to go to the toilet.
My grand-aunt was such a case. She died a few days ago, after a fall. Her children could have done better for their mother, but they just leave her lying there all day long with a adult diaper on, they don't even care to dress her up, instead drape a piece of towel over her naked body. Well, a classic tale of an old woman's suffering. How in the world her children have the heart to leave her in that condition I wonder. That's the meanest thing one can do to their parents. I hate to think further.

In my humble opinion, the least they can do is provide her mother with the proper care, like such of Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care, if they haven't got time to take care of their mother. It's sure reassuring to know that the one you loved is in the care of someone you can trust. Really, I don't know what got into them, not my business afterall. All I care about now is to raise my son well, so that he'll grow up into a decent man who respects not only me and his daddy but all elderly people, so I won't ended up a pity woman like that aunt.

Seriously, this early!

This is the earliest I got out of bed on a weekend. Hubs just leave home with my brother. At 7 am in the morning, those two late owls are already out of the house. The race is starting in an hour's time. Just hope that they won't get stuck in a traffic jam, yes on a Saturday. Crazy isn't it?

I just chucked some clothes into the washing machine, while waiting for it to wash, here I am, doing some early bird blogging. Just got to kill some time to before chucking the laundry into the dryer. Waiting is really not very fun.

FB- you know you love it

I'm starting to think that this facebook thing is getting a little scary here. I hesistated for so long before signing up as a member, and suddenly just because I wanted to view someone else's photo in there,I was in already. All in a matter of a split second. Didn't even think twice there. Well, my sister was really quite persuasive there. Anyway, before long, I suddenly get the urge to add as many friends as possible, every Tom Dick and Harry I ever know! Gosh, that's where it got so out of control.
Now comes the scary part, I realised that this world is all too small. Every one I know, acquintances or otherwise, suddenly all became my best friends. We view each other's photos, make comments (flat-out sweetest ones), and greet every one Happy Birthday. Boy, no more lonely birthdays for now. And how in the world my childhood friend know my circle of mommy blogger? Oops, the world just get smaller. In fact, I dig in a little further, just to make sure this friend of mine did not just add my other friend by mistake. True enough, they commented on each other's photo. They are friends, not through me but by other means. My world now has officially shrink! Thanks to facebook. So, is this a good thing or bad?

November 9, 2008

My tedious life

Oh man, didn't know life without a maid is so tough. So many house work to conquer, so little time. Honestly, the house don't has to be all that squeaky clean, the clothes don't need to be all that tidy, and a messy bed is totally fine once in a while, because if I were to put 100% into every task I do in the house, I'll have to repeat what I do all day long because with two little kids in the house, clean is now such an impossible word to use.

I used to be so free, like a queen. So free in fact that I could easily find time to pursue an online degree with school mba. Seeing how busy I am now, I really have no choice but to put that option on hold. Now, I'm stuck with all sorts of errands like picking up Marcus from school, making meals, bathing the kids, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, ironing and the thing I hate to do most is to clean the dog shit twice a day, make it two dogs, 4 times a day! I just cannot wait for the new maid to arrive. Just hoping it'll be pretty soon.


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November 6, 2008

Little Models

Love this pic of the boys so much. They're just so natural posers, right? Took this photo over the weekend after we went to Ryan's concert. Good thing that I brought my Nikon D60 with me. The moment the kids saw this big brown bear, all of them immediately ran towards it and gave it a big hug. Of course, it's too huge for them, so one settled for hugging the bear's feet, one went for bear's arm. I've got more photos of the kids posted at my other blog. Check out my little models. Yeah!

November 3, 2008

What are you?

I just found out that there's this term called millennials. Sounds like a combo of millenium and aliens to me. LOL.

Who are 'millennials'?

"Millennials" is one term sociologists use to designate those youths raised in the sensory-inundated environment of digital technology and mass media at the millennium. Unlike Gen X, which referred generally to people born in the 1960s and 1970s, this generation has yet to carry a name popularized by mainstream culture. Also known as "Echo Boomers," as the children of Baby Boomers, millennials were born from the 1980s on.

Are you one millenials? I thought so I am. Nowadays, people are coming up with all sorts of terms to make English more difficult to catch up. Is spicing up English all that necessary? I know baby boomers, but what's with the Echo boomers and helicopter parents? Really, that many terms! Go figure..

November 2, 2008

I think all girls are shopaholic

Right now, my feet hurts like mad. We were out shopping the entire day, me with a pair of lousy heels that feels like 2 blades slowly cutting off my flesh off my feet. Darn. I shouldn't have wore that pair of heels. I should have put on something flat and comfortable when I go shopping. I'm getting blisters on both sides of my toes.

You must be thinking what is so fun out there at the shopping mall? The thing is when you go shopping with your sisters, you sit down- grab a cup of milk tea and some food, chit chat, then you go try on some clothes or Designer Jewelry together, and bought some bras together and the next thing you know, the mall is closing already. You won't even realised it that you've been there for the past 7 hours. Seriously, you must be thinking we're a bunch of shopaholic, but I think girls are generally all like that. Agree?

October 31, 2008

I love weekend!

Yeah, this will be sure a weekend to look forward to. My twin sister will be coming home again this weekend to attend a friends' wedding and we'll sure be conquering a few shopping malls when she's back home. Good for us, we kind of have the same taste in clothings and fashion generally, so it's really enjoyable to go shopping together.
I'm so looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend too.

October 30, 2008

Be Part of the Game

I'm sure you know at least one guy out there who is a big fan of football. By big, I mean you can spot a "BIG FAN OF Blah-Blah CLUB" sticker on his car, and he can stay up late or even into the wee hours to watch his favorite game live.
It's amazing how some guys can be so addicted to football. So it only makes sense that Calsberg has launched a football web-TV-channel for football fan to have access to the world of football, live matches and much more. You can even get to watch football funny moments video clips and rituals from the Football Magic channel.
That's really a good news for football fans out there.
Tell that to your boyfriend, will ya?

October 27, 2008

Here's wishing all our Indian friends..

October 26, 2008

iLASIK™ Procedure

We were just chatting about some people lose the life-time opportunity to becoming a pilot just because of their bad eye sight, and some girls out there even dared themselves to get iLASIK™ Procedure through the modern laser vision correction technologies all because they want to be an air stewardess.

In today's world, iLASIK™ Procedure has become a procedure all too common, millions across the globe has benefited from it. If you were to search it on the Internet, there might probably be thousands of articles on LASIK information to clear your doubt. Over the past 5 years, thousands of NASA and the U.S. military has undergo these procedures to increase the performance of their mission-critical personnel using laser vision correction technologies. Having said that, it is proven that these procedures has got the upmost recognition and confirmation that even it the toughest of condition, when everything elses fails, LASIK technology has proven it's 100% effectiveness. In view of that, this might even mean that for many other people out there with vision problem, becoming a pilot might even a dream come true afterall.

Modern iLASIK™ Procedure uses two laser instead of one, it uses wave front technologies and an ultrafast, computer-guided laser creates a corneal flap and then after that is done, the wave-front mapping data guides a second laser for vision correction. This revolutionary procedures has been performed over 12 millions times, so if you're thinking of getting it, stop doubting and go for it.


October 22, 2008

I want my PR back

With my blog page rank down to zero, I hardly see any offers on my window. There's really no way of keeping a good PR if you don't work for it. Just like a marriage, PR needs maintenance. Those kind of maintenance that you got to work your s off, like making sure your page is well-linked, has visitors (the more the merrier), interesting articles so that people will come back wanting to read more.

Now that I've mentioned it, I think a marriage requires lesser effort to maintain. Perhaps my darling husband is so much easier to handle compared to other people's husband. First of all, I don't cook because DH never like home-cooked food, so we always eat out. Secondly, he never complains how dirty the house is or unsightly fat I am. LOL.

Therefore, I'm lucky. But my mom and aunt both think that DH is the luckiest man alive, because I'm so freaking good to DH. Or rather, I never raised my voice to him, question him or doubt him. Before I begin to sidetrack, let's get back to PR talk, I only meant to say, I want my PR back. A 2 will do me good. Thanks googley bear.

October 21, 2008

Stylish Glasses from $8

Silly me. Really silly. I was told by my cousin to get her half year worth of contact lenses supply which means 4 packs because it comes in 3 pairs per box. So, off I went to the local optical shop, asked for half year of contact supply worth 300 ringgit instead of contact lense of 300 degree. Maybe I wasn't paying attention when I was on the phone with my cousin, I was too busy looking at those gorgeous sunglass frames, putting it on when the salesgirl was busy attending another customer. I'd love to own a pair of dark colored frame eyeglasses, but those nicer and good quality ones can really cost an arm and a leg. RM800 for a pair of decent pair of eyeglasses, but still you won't know how long it can last, right?

I'd rather buy it online at They offered stylish prescription eyeglasses from as low as 8 dollars. It's that cheap! Besides getting one for myself, I'll also get a pair of eyeglasses for Shern's daddy. He has been using his old spectacles for years now, he sure need a pair of chic eyeglass, the current one he has on is too old-fashion if I might add.
With the massive choices from ZenniOptical, rest assure, my pick will be far better than the existing one. Shern's daddy will sure be pleased. Not only that, they also sells sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens at a very reasonable price. If you're thinking of getting a pair of eyeglasses, be sure to check it out.

September 27, 2008

Raya soon...

This is the weekend leading up to the Hari Raya celebration. So do expect a massive jam no matter where you're heading to, especially back kampung folks. As for city folks, we know the shopping malls will be crowded with people doing their last minute shopping before the Raya. Happy weekend and Happy Shopping.

Another nigthmare begins

After what the previous maid did, I can honestly tell you I'm fed up with them already. We used to have 2 live-in maids, but that didn't turn out very well because they tend to keep each other's secret and got it all wrapped up among themselves. The maid we have now is yet another nightmare, and of late, she's showing her true colors, with all her lies, only to think that we're stupid.
My husband's prepaid phone simcard went missing, and she said she knew nothing about it. I knew she has it but she kept denying everything. If she wants to continue acting her innocence, I'm telling you, she'll be out of this house very soon. I cannot see myself compromise a maid I cannot trust. No way that is ever going to happen.

She better not let me find the missing simcard, else I'm so going to trace all her calls with reverse phone lookup service on No worries, because Reverse phone lookups is totally confidential, they can trace a phone number or any missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appeared in my phone bill. This new maid knew exactly why the previous maid was sacked, after what happened with the last maid having secret flings with her boyfriends over her secret phone, she better not mess around with me.

September 22, 2008

Bump bump bump

It's a rough ride for me now. Bumpy ride. I don't want to sound all pathetic, but the ugly truth is I'm not doing fine now. I have things I have to deal with, and to get over with. All I need now is more time to think.
Having said that, update on this blog will be slow if not seldom. But you can always visit my BabyShern. He's cute you know.

Note: I'm fine. Just a little pathetic at the moment.

September 12, 2008

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever shared with your mom?

When I was younger and single, I never ever tell or ask my mom anything about sex education, female reproductive organs or anything of that kind. I find it so embarrassing to even bring the topic up. But now that I'm a mother, I find it much easier to 'consult' my mom about these sensitive topics. Not that I have Genital Tract Chlamydia Infection, but when my vagina itches so badly even after I consulted my gynae, I called my mom and asked about her opinion. She lets me know that it's totally normal for women to sometimes get vaginal infection and that I need to go back to my gynae to get it checked. For the new few days, she called everyday asking if I'm feeling better. She's such a great mom.

Normally, what I'll do is to search on the Internet for more information regarding what I'm going through, in this case, vagina itching. Sites like Epocrates Online has a huge drug reference database on drugs and diseases to help people identify their problem. Not only that, used by over 500,000 healthcare and professional, this site offers the most comprehensive diagnose and assist clinician in prescribing drugs to their patient. You bet they're good.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Drive Space Jammed

My mind refuses to cooperate now when I needed it most. It's a little past midnight, a sleepy head like me just want to jump into bed, snore till the morning light. But we've got a flight to catch tomorrow, and I bet I won't even have the time to blog tomorrow morning.
Hubs is not going with us, as this is supposed to be a sister's trip. Too bad, Lynd couldn't book a flight to join us because the flight ticket is just too darn expensive as the mighty cheap Air Asia do not have direct flight from Singapore to B.

Sis, you bet you're missing all the fun..

September 10, 2008

Apple- a new definition in a new generation

Do you still remember what you could do when you were 2 or even 3 years old? I remembered I could ride a tricycle, dig in the sand and also create big mess everywhere every time. It wasn't my intention to be such a troublemaker, I did tried to make things right, like when I tried to wash my own plate, I ended up smashing the plate on the floor. After all, back in the 80's, there's no such thing as entertainment, unlike what kids nowadays have. Furthermore, though we were born into a rich family, sad to say, the sole breadwinner of the family, my grandmother that is, is the most thrifty women in the entire town, she never buys us toys. So, we made use of what we had, some rubbers for burning, and a rusty pot to cook, pretending to be chef or mother. Whatever you want to call it. Back then, the only Apple we know is a fruit, what do we know a thing about Apple iPhone!
20 years later, things changed and people too. Kids nowadays are brought up in a totally opposite environment. No parents would allow their kids to roam around the neighbourhood all by themselves, or cycle freely around town. They'd rather spend the money buying Apple iPod for their kids and locked them in the safety of their homes. Take my almost 3 years old boy for example, he is expose to these hi-tech gadgets from a very young age, he's now such a pro when it comes to playing with my iPhone. He knew where's the iPod player, Youtube, or how to even call his daddy on his own. He can even play Mario on his cousin's Nintendo DS.
I don't know about the future, but one thing for certain, our kids won't be bragging to their kids about what an amazing childhood they had, things like climbing a tree, catching tadpoles from the monsoon drain or even bathing naked in the backyard. Well, they might even think we had a crazy childhood. Whatever.

September 6, 2008

Anti-Shopping Hubs

My hubs is the kind of fella who never ever like shopping. Asking him to go to a mall is just as bad as telling him to step into a tank of cow dang. So, after dinner today, I told him I wanted to get some veges and groceries from a nearby hypermarket, as usual, he rolled his eyes. ::Big Roll::
What is so difficult about going to a mall? You know, he did the usual thing, dropped us off at the parking, telling us to go ahead and that he'll join us later. But the thing is, he never ever join us. Not even after he got a parking. That's just him and his lame excuse.

But today, he had Shern for company. They went for a stroll, daddy brought him for a kiddy ride, bought him sliced pineapple and mango. When we got home, daddy told me he had a great time hanging up with his son. When daddy told Shern that he's having a backache, Shern immediately insist that daddy puts him down to walk. After a short stroll around the mall, Shern offered his 100plus to his daddy because he thinks daddy must be quite thirsty. He's such a darling to daddy. Maybe he sees mommy all the time, he just doesn't seems to 'care' so much about me. Maybe mommy should just go find a job. Maybe not.

September 3, 2008

2008 Great Americal Seafood Winning Recipe

Do you realized that when a bunch of people get together or when there's an occasion to celebrate, they are sure to celebrate it with food? It's indeed very true that good food bond people together. For many, good food involves fresh and great tasting seafood, sort of like those you get straight out from the sea. But unless you're a fisherman, nothing really comes out straight from the sea, so the best option is to buy your local seafood, not those packed frozen seafood shipped to you half way around the globe. If you're a seafood lover, you sure know the freshest seafood is what you can get domestically.

Check out this 2008 Great American Seafood Cook-off Winning Recipe by
Chef John Currence. This local dish from Missisipi- Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice might look very simple to cook, but it is prepared with over 20 ingredients!

Like I said, this is the award winning recipe, you bet it is super delicious, I wish I got the time to prepare this scrumptious meal for my family. With food like this, you really need to put in effort in preparing it and also in cooking it, else it might not turn out delicious.

I personally love this Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice, but perhaps prawn lovers like you would prefer the Texas Gulf Shrimp by Chef Mark Holley. You might want to check out great five finalist of the Great American Great seafood cook off to vote for your favorite recipe. You can even stand a chance to win a trip to New Orleans. All you got to do is go to and cast your vote, it's that simple!

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

September 2, 2008

Certified male nursing assistant

A couple of days back, I read in the newspaper a very interesting article from the health minister. The government is calling for more male to take up nursing as a professional job. Currently, in our country, the male ratio of certified nursing assistant is way much lesser than the female.

Why do many people sees that nursing is a female job? We cannot deny the fact that for centuries, female are the majority nursing assistant not only for this country but worldwide. That got me thinking. Why is it so? If a male can become a doctor, why can't they take up nursing as a professional job too? It doesn't make them any less manly, if I may add.
While a female nurse can be more attentive and more caring towards the patient, a male nurse, on the other hand, can also do the job equally good plus they have the strength as a very good nurses aid to the ailing patients. Don't you think so? Let's hope that this call from the government will urge many more male to really consider to be a nurse.

September 1, 2008

Yes to plane ride

After what I said about no more plane ride for Shern, we decided to change our flight tickets to Indonesia. So when I told Shern that we will be going on a plane afterall, he was so excited. When I asked whether he wants daddy to come along with us, in his most macho voice he said, "Daddy so scared of aeroplane, how I bring him?" That sure gave us a good laugh. He's just pure joy to us, unpretentious and so lovable. Boy, I can never love him enough. So tickets has been changed, we'll be flying off this friday, can't wait! I'm sure this will be a very pleasant weekend for us, with lots of shopping, that I'm very sure.

A documentary on little people

Last night, we watched a documentary about little people, the dwarfs. Shern find those little people fascinating, he calls them 'baby' though the fact that they're all grown up. At such a tender age, he still doesn't understand how some people can be less fortunate than we are. Some are little, some are handicapped and some are born with disease.
I tried to explain to him how blessed we are, that we're all born healthy and normal. Very often, we take it for granted, how we could walk and run freely, talk normally and how our eyes can see things. But I guess, he's too young to really appreciate or even understand what I'm trying to tell him.
I've seen parents with handicapped kids, these kids need supervision 24/7, and that makes it impossible for the parents to even leave them alone for a good 10 minutes. Not to mention that bringing them out from the house will be a tedious thing to do, because this country that we're living in, in not the most handicapped friendly place on earth. Many places still do not even have handicapped toilet, not to mention other proper facilities. But for the love of their kids, they will honestly tell you they have no regrets, no complains and no shame of having such a kid. In many ways, they are truly angels.

I myself make it a point not to complain much about my kid. When others tell me how he has dark skin, or curly hair, or even small eyes like me, I brushed them away by saying, "as long as he's healthy, appearances doesn't matter". Always be thankful for what you have.

August 31, 2008

No more plane ride for Shern

The only reason I was so keen to apply for a new passport in replacement for my almost expired one is because we got a weekend getaway planned, to Pattaya that is. But with all the havoc and protest going on in Bangkok right now, rest assured that we won't be going there anytime soon. Just canceled our tickets. Bummer.

So disappointing. Shern is so looking forward to getting a plane ride, and how do I tell him we're not going anymore. I bet he'll ask me a thousand 'why'?


August 29, 2008

Accommodative Financial Solutions

Do you know how easy it is to get Unsecured Personal Loans without upfront fee? All it takes is a 5 minutes application with your stated income. No other document is needed. Isn't it much better than borrowing money from illegal moneylender with super high interest rate. Not only that, these loan sharks even splash your house with red paint and also harassing your family member when you do not make your payment on time. Some even commit suicide when they are unable to pay off their loan because of the hefty charges on the interest rates. Almost every day, we see these headlines in the newspaper. These loan sharks are cut throat heartless soul who are trying to make quick money the illegal way. Haven't we learned anything from these evil loan shark?

If you are really desperate for financial help be it business or Unsecured Personal Loans, it's best to turn to a loan consulting company like Accommodative Financial Solutions, that provides good financial solution. Furthermore, if your loan application is not approved, then they will not even charge you the consulting fee. Whether you need Personal Loans to renovate your house or for your business expansion, you might want to check out With no hidden charges, no collateral needed, applying for a loan can never get easier.

Canola oil and Aspartame

Was at local pharmacy today, and there's this sign put up that reads: DO NOT USE CANOLA OR CORN OIL, ITS DEADLY> BIG RISK OF HEART ATTACK. Another sign next to it, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING THAT SAYS IT'S SUGAR FREE, IT CONTAINS ASPARTAME, ALSO DEADLY.

Of course, reading it, it gave me a hell of a shock. All the while, I grew up thinking Canola oil is the best, given that it's double the price of our normal palm oil, so it should be good right. Mom warned us times and times again to buy canola oil for cooking, its healthier she said. She's quite a health freak person, so I bet she is right. Now, I shall add, she was wrong.
Do your own research, google it, read it. It's all over the Internet. It's scary even to read it. Canola oil is said to be the best heart artery clogging recipe. Yucks.

To Diet drinks lovers especially, kick off that bad habit before it ruins you and your body. Again, google Aspartame and read it for yourself. The world is now a scary place, what you eat can silently kill you inside. Oh shit.

August 28, 2008

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I used to think that shoe obsession is only a thing for women. Basically every woman has at least 5 pairs of shoes. For a shoe-a-holic, they might even have up to hundreds of pairs of heels, flats, stilettos, boots, sports shoes and another dozen of Blowfish Women's Shoes. Little did I know that men can be equally obsessed with shoes. But with men, it's mostly with their Blowfish Men's Shoes, trainers, collectible item or anything of that sort.

Funny how kids can also love shoes that much. Take my 6 years old little nephew for instance, he just love buying shoes. He has sports, casual, leather, and even one that looks like a racing shoe. Perhaps it's the influence from us adults, perhaps we spoilt them. How people used to only survive wearing one shoe for an entire season or a whole year until it's torn, you might think? There's no luxury in buying shoes in every design and in every different color. Blowfish Shoes is only something they can dream off. We people living in this era are just a bunch of lucky stars, aren't we?

Queue after queue..

At last, I got my new passport after 3 trips to the Immigration office. We went there yesterday at lunch time and the Immigration was packed like peas in a can! My queue number tells me that there's sort of like 100+ people ahead of me. Darn. I hate waiting, and what more Shern's daddy. There's no way he's going to spend hours waiting, sitting around like a fool when he has a thousand other errands to run. So we left.

This morning, I woke up at 7am, hurried myself hoping that I'll get there before the immigration open its door. I should have wake up earlier,but too late, I was caught in a bad traffic jam and got there only at quarter to eight. I was number 36 on the queue and that took me like 2 hours to be attended, and another queue to make my payment.
Passport will only be ready in 2 hours, and I was told to get a queue number to collect my passport. I just couldn't wait there, I was so sleepy I drove home and jumped into bed, with Shern.

Then again at 3.30pm, after I picked up Marcus from his Kumon class, then only I went to collect my passport, the queue in the evening started to die off. I got my passport within 10 minutes of waiting. Must say that the Immigration office system and their services has improved tremendously. Overall, 9 brownie points.

New passport. Yippie. Go holiday!!

August 27, 2008

The look he loves about me..

Seriously, my husband is not a wee bit of a romantic person. Not the flower bouquet, chocolate type of husband, even during courtship days. He's not a good flirt, not a person you can see in the Ultimate Flirting Championship at all. Up till now, he sometimes even joked about how flirtatious I was when we first met, but come on, he knows me well enough that I'm not a good flirt. That was really just my killer look that sent him all head over heels over me. LOL. Like this.

Nice smile there, maybe. But ouch, my hair is all over my face. Scary messy isn't it. If only I get some tips with the Extreme Style by VO5 , I think I'll look much better in that photo. Agree? Just as I was writing this, hubby came over to tell me that I look good in that photo. Those days.
But now, after having a baby, my face is all round and chubby, not to even mention my hair. It's like I'm having bad hair day, everyday now. I want my Victory Hair back.

He's a very nice person once you got to know him, thought some people might think he's a little arrogant, because he normally will not speak to people he's not close to. But one thing for sure, he's a lousy flirt. What about you? I dare you to take the Flirting test here.

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August 26, 2008

When they were little..

I was just going through some old photos and thought it might be cool to share some here. How time flies. Baby Shern is so tiny that time. Looking at those photos, who would have thought Shern will be so chatty and even fight with Marcus now. They fight practically everyday over toys or Marcus Nintendo DS or for my iphone. Kids kids!

Shern at 10mths.
On a bicycle at 11 mths old. But never get to learn how to cycle until he's 2 years and 9 mths old.

Happy Ryan, Marcus and Shern.

Marcus and Ryan, age 3 maybe.

August 24, 2008

The Ultimate Flirting Championship

Some girls, remain single even into their 30's because they are very very choosy people. Like they themselves are so very perfect, they want the world's most eligible bachelor. Rich, drives a sports car, lives in a big mansion, with a big pay check and with at least 6 digits savings account. For these girls, it's all about waiting for their prince charming to show up miraculously one day. Bullshit isn't it?

As for guys, it's all almost the same. They want a girlfriend with a pretty face and gorgeous sexy body to die for. But when it comes to courting girls, some failed miserably. You know why, because they failed to impress a girl with their pick-up lines. I just don't know how they got the courage to muster some of these stupid lines like, "can I have your number because I just lost mine?" or "Did you just fall from heaven?" Aiks. What a big turn off. They seriously need Victory Hair, a hair style to die for, for a girl to fall for them. Otherwise, slim chance or no chance to pick up a girl at all.

Come on, I dare you to take the Extreme Style by VO5, the Ultimate Flirting Championship game and see how good you can flirt. Find me there, I'm
FeatheredFaye. Spot me, I'm the one with the sexy victory hair.

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Merdeka AirAsia Sales

My sister asked if I want to join her for a holiday to Jakarta. The return flight ticket is only290+ inclusive of tax. Wow, so cheap. AirAsia is having a big-time Merdeka promotion. Like this one, to Melbourne for only 99 one way. Check it out.

August 21, 2008

Got your Halloween Costume?

Juggling my time between blogging, raising a very active toddler and taking care of the entire family is not a piece of cake. So, you can't blame me for missing a few important dates on the calendar. My sister reminded me earlier to buy a cake for my 7 years old nephew as today is his birthday but I totally forgotten about it. Where am I suppose to find a cake at 10pm at night? No choice but he got to wait for tomorrow for a belated birthday cake.

I really should make a habit on marking important dates on the calendar, or a quick note on my iphone calendar. Anyway, Halloween is coming up and we still haven't got any special plans in mind. But I'm sure it will be fun dressing up the kids in fireman costumes, policeman or even a typical pirates. I once dressed up as a female Ninja, thinking of scaring the kids, but instead my two year old son came to hug me and called mommy. Hiding behind that black scarf and thick frame glasses, he still recognises me. That was hilarious.

Imagine Shern dressing up as Tipsy from the Teletubbies like this. Isn't it cute? Imagine him tripping over and over again in this cute silly suit.
Hands down, Shern will love this Racing suit costume so much, he might even want to wear it to sleep if I let him. Oh, so many Halloween costumes to choose from, so little time.

Whatever it is, when dressing up the kids, it's very important to make sure that Halloween Costume safety aspect are taken into consideration before dressing up their kids especially for those costumes with full face mask or fluffy feather materials that tends to caught fire very easily. Or even with kids wearing fancy decorative contact lenses, always take extra precaution because kids do get infection much easier than adults do.

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I'm so into Grey right now

I seems to be blogging lesser nowadays, that's because I'm stuck at home all day watching Grey's Anatomy Season 1, 2 and 3. I know it's just not me, but many others too get addicted to watching dramas like this. The last drama I watched was Gossip Girl, I totally love it. You know that girl Serena van De Woodsen, she's gorgeous. Not forgetting her very handsome boyfriend, Dan Humphrey.
I actually downloaded this movie for free. Free movie, free seating, free watching schedule, it cannot get any better than this right. I hope you had a great day too, because mine is sure smashing. LOL.

August 20, 2008

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Many times and on many occasion, I missed the chance of telling my mom how grateful I am to have such a mother like her. The truth is, we children sometimes feel that it's awkward to show our affection to our parents. So we rather keep the feeling to ourselves and hopefully they'll figure out a way to read our mind.

But after seeing my hubby's aunt suffers from
Alzheimer, it makes me realized life is too short to leave things for tomorrow. What if I never get the chance ever again? What if I lose my mom one day to Alzheimer. I mean she might still be around psychically, but what if she no longer recognise me, and I'm not even the person she turns to because she totally forgot who I am to her. A baby girl she once so gently cares for, the little girl she taught how to walk, the teenage girl she screamed at because she brought home bad grades, or the happiest grin she had on her face when she first carried my little son-her grandson on her arm?

Come on, join us hand in hand,
move us closer to a world without Alzheimer's. Together let's support the Alzheimer's Memory Walk, the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. Do not let Alzheimer's take away your loved ones, not now not ever.

August 19, 2008

Lovely dress, I like!

Love the details on the dress, it's off-white in color matched with a brown 2 inches ribbon. Bought this beautiful dress a week ago, and wondering what to do with it. No No. I actually planned on giving it to my sister if it doesn't fit. So now you know it doesn't fit. Exactly where, I'll tell you. The chest! Darn. I hate free-sizing clothings! They're all meant for aneroxic people or people with less than 5% body fat. Hello, I'm a mother with a 'mommy's pouch', not a 16 year old with sexy curves you see lying on the beach.

August 17, 2008

Be a VO5 Flirt!

"There's someone out there meant for you. Sometimes all you need to do is to open up your heart and let them in". You might have heard this a thousand times, but still you find yourself still single at the age of 30. Why does it have to be like this? Especially when you're bright, gorgeous and sexy, there should be a line of eligible bachelor queuing up your doorstep. Honestly, sometimes all we need is a good line from a guy to fall in love. "You had me at hello?" That's just too Jerry McGuire right?

Maybe now you should play the dating game a little differently. Instead of just waiting for your prince charming to come to you, be bold, be a Victory Hair flirt. Go to and see how good a flirt you are at Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. Find me, flirt with me. By the way, I'm FeatheredFaye, the Asian chick with the silky smooth and straight bobcut hair.

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August 12, 2008

Why why why

It's hard to be me right now. I'm feeling really really down. Just don't know what to do to make things right. Something so easy suddenly seems so hard. There's no playing around with options because I ain't have any. This time, the ball is not in my court. Well, it has never been. I'm sick.
If you read this, and you don't get me, that's fine because that's my point. Just to whine.

August 11, 2008

All kids just love Nintendo

Don't they? I don't know about other parents, but I see harm when little kids gets no adult supervision when it comes to watching the television, or play computer games like 24/7. I'm not trying to sound like the perfect parent here, but I believe that kids will grow up into a person the way they are brought up. And here, watching too much television programs or playing long hours of Nintendo Wii can only mean that they're spending much lesser time learning academically.

My 6 year old nephew has a Nintendo DS Lite, but he knows well that he only gets to play it when I allow him to. Say, after he completes his school work and additional homework I gave him. As a reward, he gets his Nintendo DS Lite. With supervision, I can track his playing time and make sure that he doesn't get too attached to his games and not study at all.

I've seen kids who are so gadget-pro, but sadly that can only mean one thing. They do not excel academically. Having seen it all, I'd hope that I know how to deal with my son and my nephew.

July 31, 2008

I'm back!

Sorry for the long disappearance. I just had too many things to handle, you know my runaway maid, because of her, I didn't even dare to leave the kids out of sight. I haven't been to the gym for almost 2 weeks now. You know how she took advantage of me not around the house, she brought home her boyfriend! She's such a whore. Ish..I just don't feel like giving up my blog space for her, so if you want to read more about my bitchy maid, read it here.

July 12, 2008

Kids just can't get enough of games

What do you know when you were 6 years old? Or even 3 years old? I remember I can't even read ABC or write 123. But my nephew and my son aged 2 years 7 months old know so much about cars, their toys and even know how to operate a PSP, not to mention Playstation 3. Honestly, if you were to ask me if I am good at any computer or Playstation game, I am lousy.
You might think that since I spend so much time blogging on the computer, I am good at playing online games or any computer game. I'm sure not. Let's just say that computer games don't sound as interesting to me as to blogging. My son is not even 3 years old, but he already requested that I buy him a PSP! But as far as mommy is concerned, no one's buying any games for the kids. I seriously think that if you want your kids to be good academically, you should let them stay away from playing all these games, doesn't matter if it's just a gameboy, Xbox or computer games.

July 9, 2008

Get it cheaper online

Remember the time we had trouble renewing Shern daddy's race and rally driving license? The reason the doctor didn't want to approve his medical check up was because he couldn't read those last 2 lines of alphabets. His sight weren't that bad, but the doctor sure take extra precaution because this is not an application for everyday driving license.

So daddy went home to grab his old spectacles, just for the sake of getting a green light from the doctor. But he obviously needs a new spectacles, an emergency one. So we went to the nearest optical shop to get a pair of new lenses for him, and lenses alone cost us 25o ringgit. Hubby said he still need a new pair of spectacles and that he can use the old one as a spare. I should really tell him to get his spectacles online at At manufacturer's price, it's way cheaper than getting it in store, and they've got a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

Busy like I'm a C.E.O

If you did noticed, I haven't got much to blog about lately. Really, I've been really busy though I can't tell you exactly what I did. A day routine will be something like this, wake up, shower, then out for breakfast tea with hubs and Shern, then hubs will be off to work, then we'll normally spend an hour or two at home, do the usual stuff like check the mail, check out what errands to run, and off we'll go out till dinner time. Shern usually goes to bed at 8pm, but of late, he always endded up sleeping at 10/11pm. Blame it on the shopping.
For the past one and a half week, we've got guests at home, which also mean a lot of shopping trips to the mall. I mean really a lot, like at least5 hours everyday. Our new maid is doing fine, and we quite like her. Bug bad news now is that my maid decided not to renew her working permit anymore, she wants to go back to Indon to get married. Ouch, their story of marrying and divorcing is all too common, it's like they can almost marry a stranger. I offered her a hundred ringgit pay rise and she refused, so let her go home for good, get married and live happily ever after.
Got to hit the pillow for now. Very tired. As usual, I had a very long day. Nights for now.

July 4, 2008

The story about "subsidy" in Layman's term

This story was sent by my dearest sister to my inbox. I thought it's quite an interesting article to share.

A man called Maha owns a farm which can produce 10 apples every day. He has 5 workers to operate the farm. Each of them eats 1 apple daily and it is enough to keep them operating the farm normally. The remaining 4 apples, the landlord sells them at RM10 each and he earns RM40. He uses the RM25 to improve the farm operation and facilities.He gives RM2.00 to each of his workers and he keeps the remaining RM5.00 as profit. Day by day, the farm is well developed and all of the 5 workers are happy with the money they can save.

When Maha passed away and there is a new landlord, Abdul comes to
continue the farm operation. He says to the workers:" We need to improve the farm quality and
redefine our way of thinking.

From now on all of you only need to pay RM1.00 for each apple you eat.It is very cheap as the price is RM10 each outside the farm." The workers have no choice but to pay RM1.00 for the apple they eat daily. Their earning decrease from RM2.00 to M1.00 per person.

As usual, Abdul sells the 4 apples and he gets RM40. He uses RM25 for farm improvement and pays RM10 to his 5 workers. He gets RM5.00 as profit. On top of that, he gets another RM5.00 from the apples that he sells to his workers.In total, he gets RM10 as profit every day.

Soon, the apple price increases to RM20 each. The new landlord gets a higher profit as he gets RM80 for the 4 apples he sells daily. Then, he decides to give the farming improvement contract to one of his close friend, Samy. Samy says:"Apple cost naik, improvement cost also misti naik."
So, the farm improvement cost increases from RM25 to RM50. In actual fact, the improvement only cost RM30. The remaining RM20,Abdul and Samy share evenly among themselves.

Let's calculate how much Abdul gets daily:

RM10 (from farm improvement cost)
RM20 (Net profit by selling 4 apples: [Gross profit, RM80]
- [Improvement cost, RM50] - [Wages RM10] = RM20)
RM5 (from selling apples to his workers)

In total, Abdul gets RM35 daily compare to RM10 initially when he
takes over the farm from Maha.His profit increases RM25 and the workers are still getting RM1.00 daily per person. The greedy Abdul does not want to stop there.

One day, he says to his fellow workers:" You see ah, the current market price for one apple is RM20 and you are only paying RM1. See how lucky you are! I have to SUBSIDY RM19.00 for each of the apple you buy and total I need to SUBSIDY RM95.00. This will greatly burden the farm and we might get bankrupt if we
continue like this.

In order to avoid bankruptcy, I need to increase the apple price that you buy from RM1.00 to RM1.50 and I will bear the remaining RM18.50 per apple as my subsidy to you all." So, greedy Abdul adds RM2.50 to his current profit and the number becomes RM37.50.

After you have read the story, I am sure you have already understood the meaning of "SUBSIDY" given by the government. The RM95 subsidy never existed in the first place and so was the RM52 billion fuel subsidy generously "given" by the government. Cutting fuel subsidy is actually just a reason to steal money from your pocket.

June 25, 2008

It's his Birthday

We'll be going to Kuantan tomorrow for the third round of rally, and tomorrow will also be hubby's birthday and I have yet to get him a gift! I have absolutely no idea what to get him. Shaver, mobile phone, wallet, belt, shoe, watch- he has it all. He's not a gadget person, so forget about getting him an iPod, PSP, playstation or a laptop.
The thing is, I actually asked him few weeks back what he'd love for his birthday, he said nothing. Of course it's nothing when he's the one who will ended up paying for my credit card bill. LOL. He mentioned something about just having a dinner, not even did he requested for a birthday cake. How simple can it get? If you know my hubby, you'll know that he's not the "please come celebrate my birthday' kind of guy. He's not comfortable being in the spotlight, blowing candles off a cake and all.
But still, I really want to get him a gift he'll love. One thing for sure, I cannot afford to buy him a nice sports car, like a Lamborghini or a Maserati. Everyone knows that my hubby is very much into nice, fast cars. Get a loan til payday cash advance is not an option here, cos I don't work and therefore I do not have a payday. I think I'll just buy him a cake and place a die cast Lambirghini on top of the cake. What about that? LOL.

Credit card war

It's just crazy how banks try to lure consumers into signing up for their credit cards. Honestly, applying for a Platinum credit card is all too easy nowadays. Banks are coming up with so many incentives like free gifts for just applying for a credit card. And I must add, a plastic Formula car really failed to attract me into signing up, it's more an attraction to my 2.5 year old son. Boy oh boy.
And the glass or so-called crystal chess set is not that appealing to me either. I don't play chess, and I rather not have glass horse and prince collecting dust on my cabinet. Oh worse, if my son happens to mess around with it and it breaks and hurt him? Very very bad idea, don't you think so?
I just don't get it, these people, can't they not be a little more creative when it comes to giving free gifts? It doesn't really need to be expensive stuff, but I think useful things like a computer mouse or a checkbook holder will do the trick better. Sure enough, I didn't get that plastic Ferrari. But I did get a toiletry bag in lime green. Yucks, but it sure beats getting the chess set.

Malang Sial Maximum!

Did you know that the most embarrassing thing just happened to me last night? First, the car ran out of diesel, and afterwards, the car battery konked too! And if that's not enough, I only had 6 ringgit and a credit card with me. All I wanted was just a short trip to the hypermarket to get some eggs. Really it was a
Malang Sial day for me.

I'm getting a Dirt Devil

I'm telling you, sometimes being nice just don't pay off. I'm not saying that it's not good to help, or I that I'm asking for a favor in return. But someone (I'm not telling who, I'm keeping it private) actually asked if I can borrow him my vacuum cleaner about a month back. He sounded so desperate and pity, well it's just a vacuum cleaner after all, so I lend it to him. But when I need to use it today, and I called to ask if he can please return it to me, he can't be bothered to even bring to back to me. I waited one whole day, and still no vacuum cleaner. My poor maid got to brush off those dirt from inside the car with a tiny sweeper. And worst of all, my hubby actually nagged me for not being nice to people who can never appreciate what we did for them. I'm in such a difficult situation now. No vacuum, and phew! I can feel some tension in the air. Help!

Never mind that my vacuum is gone now, I don't care if he sold it off or whatever. I will eventually get him to pay me money to buy a new one. Say the new cordless Dirt Devil AccuCharge Stick Vac, the first ever hi-tech cordless vacuum to earn Energy Star recognition. Yeah, I like.


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June 22, 2008

You call blogging a job?

While the world gets to rest on a Sunday, a blogger like me still got to get some work done. You see, this thing about blogging is either you get your job done or you get fried. I'm now working on a car blog for my dearest husband. If you haven't know, he's in the car business. Before any other individual car sales person does this, I jumped ahead and created him a car blog for him to advertise his cars. Of course I'm not talking about big car dealership, they've got the budget to get a web designer to do it, and everything is professionally done.
A blogger works around the clock, it doesn't matter if some people are fast snoring there in some Copenhagen Hotels or some are getting their sun tan near the beach at a Las Vegas Hotel, a blogger's need to do what a blogger needs to do. Aha, don't I sound like a professional blogger for a second there?
I wish more than anyone to get a break, pack my bags and go on a holiday. Oh, yippie. We'll be away in Kuantan next week. It's the capital city for Pahang, but I'm not looking forward to staying at the hotel there, the one we stayed last year. Oh, how can they beat Aalborg Hotel? No way.

June 21, 2008

Big time Inflation

Hubs was telling me this on our way home from dinner this evening. He's really feeling the pinch with the current 40% fuel hike. He normally pumps up $ 50 everytime he's at the gas station, even now that fuel is much more expensive. Meaning, he got to refill his tank basically everyday, and on days that he travels more frequent, it's more than just a trip.
I don't know about others, but right now, I think I can do with a very economical car, one with a very minimal fuel consumption. I'm sure most of the luxury car dealers are having a rough time selling their big expensive cars. Even the government is asking the citizen to go easy on spending their money. But to me, it's not so much a matter of spending, but rather it is to spend wisely. It doesn't matter if you get a second mortgage or borrow from a loan shark, but if you're spending more than your income, anyone will be in trouble no matter how bad or good the inflation is. Or how cheap or expensive the fuel is.

It's now time to pack

One of the maids will be going home soon, after 3 years with us. It just seems like she came yesterday, with her short, nun-like-hair and her silver pair of sports shoe? Who is the world wears metallic color sport shoe? I don't know. Oh, that's our maid.

For the three whole years she's with us, we probably bought her a dozen pair of shoes and slippers, and many more other stuff like clothings, accessories and such. I don't know about other employer, but when it comes to me, I love buying them things, though not those expensive stuff, they'll be more than happy to be rewarded. Only less than 2 weeks here with us, I already asked her to pack up all her stuffs, just in case we need to ship it back to her, we can do so. You know how expensive those overweight charges are at the airport. Otherwise, she still has gifts she needs to buy, for her darling, family or even friends.

Is your day as gloomy?

It rained cats and dogs all day long. I already got enough of sleep, given that I woke up at 10 today, but the gloomy weather just made me yawn and want to hit the pillow and snore. I even bribed the boys to take a nap, cos both of them were just too noisy for me to handle, forgive me, but I was damn sleepy. I bribed them with a trip to the bread shop, which by the way also sells very delicious gelato ice-cream (the boys favourite ice-cream). As we were lying next to each other in bed, Shern looked over to me and said, "the sky not dark also, why must sleep now?"
I rolled and twist and turn a bit, found my hibernation spot, then bugger, hubs called asking me to send his car to the workshop, and a while later, Marcus tuition teacher came and left without picking Marcus. I got to drag myself out of bed to send Marcus off, then to the workshop. I'm really tired now, I really got to get some rest.

June 18, 2008

Gym or no gym?

The thing about me is that I procrastinate too much, too often. I've been wanting to sign up for a gym membership for the longest time. So, I finally went yesterday, twice! And the elevators were out of service, and I didn't dare risk walking up the very dark stairs so I went home. The gym is very near my house, but it's sort of a creepy place, it's not the busiest place in town. Hence, let's just say walking up that dark stairs inviting trouble. I'm really having second thoughts about signing up in that gym. What if the elevator there breaks down 4 times a week ( I know, but the maintenance there really sucks big time, my sister used to rent an office lot there), that leaves me very little days to go to the gym. But then again, the gym only charges $90 a month membership.
I really need to do some work out, I can't just laze at home everyday sipping
ORGANIC VEGAN CHOCOLATE and HOODIA GORDONII and glued to the computer. You know, when I'm bored, I tend to eat more and also more frequent. Then of course I gain more weight. And when that happens, I get all stressed up when my clothes don't fit. Stress or not stress, kava is not the only thing I need, I really need to lose weight this time.

I'm turning into my mom

Yada yada. As much as one dislike it, they will eventually turn into their mom. Trust me on this. I think I'll starting to sound like my mom. In fact, I became one when I least expected it. Even now, when my 2 and a half years old son did something that displeased me, I tend to remind him how much his bad behaviour upsets me, and how he should never ever behave like that again. I remember I used to hate it so much when my mom go all naggy on me. Yes! I can't help it! I'm just like her now.

Free drug reference on your iPhone

So, I got an iphone, big deal, NO! When I first got my iphone, my dear iphone hacker told me that I should never ever consider pressing the Installer icon, for if I accidently download anything that I shouldn't, then my iphone will turn into ibrick. So silly me, I just do with the 9 icons on my iphone for the first 5 months. To be honest, I thought the world has given too much credit for this phone, when all it does to me is make phone calls, check the weather forecast (like I need this!), and bummer I can't even send MMS.
So when my sister found out from a stranger that she can install a hundred other applications from the Installer, we cannot be more addicted to our phone. There's so much more to this phone than just getting a good day weather. And the good news is Epocrates is working with Apple to develop a downloadable drug guide for iPhone devices, your totally free drug reference in your pocket, forget having to flip through a thousand pages of medical reference before writing a prescription to your patient. For now, all you need to do is to go to on your Safari web browser for your very own free drug reference.

"This announcement was paid for by Epocrates".

Jumping into the blogging bandwagon

To many others, reading a blog is all about taking a peek in someone else's life. A friend told me that after he read my blog, he basically know half my life, like for real. And as freaky as it sounds, it makes me realised that I might had shared too much about my personal life, especially my baby's growing up. But then, he convinced me that there's nothing much I need to worry. Say, a stalker who religiously reads my blog, who is eyeing on us for God knows what reason, there's only thing part of my life that he knows, like what I love to do on a Saturday, or what high heels I bought or what word my son learned to speak at 11 mths. I don't go declaring that I'll be off to THE shopping centre, just in case he might stalk me there. I'm sure I don't go telling the world where I live, my home address or my mobile number. For that, I'm quite sure I'm safe.
So, the other night, my sister asked me whether I can really do make money blogging, and how much on average a lazy blogger like me earn a month. Honestly, there's a lot to consider before you jump into the blogging bandwagon, that is IF you already have a 9-5 job with a good slice of the pie. Blogging is nothing like a job, one day you might find yourself flooded with a dozen of reviews to write, but you also have to deal with the dry spell. Aha, no blogger can guarantee you that you'll be getting a 3 digit send to your paypal account every month. But unless, if you're a stay-at-home mom like me, blogging is definitely a way to earn extra pocket money, a little more spending power. Eh, I like.

June 16, 2008

The C'elle stem cell

Many of us would have heard about baby stem cell by now, in which baby stem cell is being harvest during a women's labor for future use. But many argued about the real benefits of storing a baby's stem cell, because not many research are done on this.
Now, more people can benefit from a totally new stem cell service, C'elle, harvested from menstrual fluid. Women should be aware of this new stem cell, as it has significant potential for future regenerative human therapies, especially in treating life affecting disorders such as diabetes; heart disease and stroke. It comes with an easy-to-use collection kit, making the process all at ease and in the privacy of your own home. $500 off Celle Order Now is a real deal, rather than paying $999 retail price. If you're interested, you could even Become C'elle Distributor for this is a new business with a big potential.
Find out All About C'elle, everything you need to know at This might be a life-changing decision and the wisest decision you'll ever make.

June 15, 2008

A Penis Enlarger??


Does size really matter? I mean is it so important for men to have a huge penis? I don't know if it's this thing with ego or for better self-esteem but I would rather associate it with female and their boobs, female wanting a bigger boobs as to man and their male enhancement. Surprise, surprise. I found out that there's actually this thing called penis enlarger, which is of course for penis enlargement. I'm not joking.

Ew, that's all sweaty!

Some nights, I wake up wishing I am in one fabulous Cannes Hotels, or anywhere where the weather is freezing cold. I don't know if it's just me, or maybe my hubby is feeling the same, but sleeping in a room with air condition can actually makes me sweat, I don't know if cuddle up under the 300 thread-count Egyptians cotton duvet, stuffed with goose down feathers is the major problem here. But that's how it is on some nights, I woke up soaking in sweat. Bummer. I'm just trying to sleep comfortably, can't I?
I've never been to Sweden, I'd love to go there one day. I love to imagine how comfortable it is, tucking myself into bed, with a view from the
Stockholm Hotel overlooking the snowy mountain. Well, if hubs is kind enough to plan a getaway, never mind if it's Cannes or Stockholm, I'll still be more than happy to go, even if it's a trip to a hot city like Dubai, I'm sure all Dubai Hotels have air-conditioning.

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