October 22, 2008

I want my PR back

With my blog page rank down to zero, I hardly see any offers on my window. There's really no way of keeping a good PR if you don't work for it. Just like a marriage, PR needs maintenance. Those kind of maintenance that you got to work your s off, like making sure your page is well-linked, has visitors (the more the merrier), interesting articles so that people will come back wanting to read more.

Now that I've mentioned it, I think a marriage requires lesser effort to maintain. Perhaps my darling husband is so much easier to handle compared to other people's husband. First of all, I don't cook because DH never like home-cooked food, so we always eat out. Secondly, he never complains how dirty the house is or unsightly fat I am. LOL.

Therefore, I'm lucky. But my mom and aunt both think that DH is the luckiest man alive, because I'm so freaking good to DH. Or rather, I never raised my voice to him, question him or doubt him. Before I begin to sidetrack, let's get back to PR talk, I only meant to say, I want my PR back. A 2 will do me good. Thanks googley bear.


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