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March 31, 2008

It's a fat holiday

I haven't been blogging a lot for the past few days, that's because we went rallying. With hubs. Our weekend are spent in a small town where the food is so bad, you keep getting hungry. Sounds weird I know, but it's true. Your appetite makes you crave for more food, more delicious food.

Back home, the scale is no longer working. I'm now desperate to weigh myself. I can feel my body has more fats now than before. Sigh.

March 26, 2008

The extraordinary Mustang GT

I'm wondering how much is a Ford Mustang here in Malaysia. With the unique fascias, side scoops, 18” polished aluminum wheels, this is no ordinary Mustang GT. But I'm not a big fan of convertible cars, I don't feel safe in there. You know just in case the car overturn, it will get ugly.
Very dangerous I think. But to have such a cool car for evening short distance drive, it's pretty cool.

We hardly can see any Ford Mustang here, I bet it's very pricey. Maybe I cannot even afford the Mustang Radiator. A good mustang radiator can last a lifetime if installed and maintain properly. Better still if you can get it straight from the distributor, it's cheaper because there's no middleman involved.

New headers at last

So last night, I finally completed my baby's blog new header. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. It's simple, but it portrays what the blog is all about.

And if you did notice, inmypyjamas also got a new header. That piece of pyjamas actually belonged to my little darling, only that it reads I love Mommy instead of I love blog. Cool?

We need more wedding gift registry

Oh well, for the next few weekends, I'll be very busy with dinner parties, kids birthday and oh well weddings. I hate to say this, but as much as I enjoy going to the parties, it stressed me out thinking of gifts I could get for the newly weds or the little birthday kiddo. Very often, I just ended up giving red packet, the Chinese favourite monetary gift.

I wish we have enough wedding gift registry here in KL. Then I can just march right into the store, pick a gift from their list, and get done with it. Easy peasy. Maybe I can go shopping online at theknot, they have lots of nice pieces, one of a kind unique personalized wedding favors. Consider it done.

Gucci baby carrier

Who needs a gucci baby carrier? Not unless those kids of some filthy rich parents who doesn't mind splurging on a 895 dollar carrier. For that price, a baby stroller will be more worth paying for.

A carrier is still a carrier, no matter what brand it is. You still have to carry the weight of the baby on your shoulder no matter what.


Hidden Beach only for nudist

Every once in a while, every couple needs some time to be away from their normal life routine, to keep the romance alive. Especially for those parents with kids, or either partner with a hectic work schedule, they hardly have time for each other.

I personally think a relationship requires maintenance, as in efforts has to be made to make each other feel loved and needed. Take a week off work, hand the kids to the nanny or even a trust worthy baby sitter, and jet off to a Cancun Vacation. Imagine relaxing in the heart of Hidden Beach Resort Au Natural Club that caters to nudists, be treated like a king and queen with their 24 hours service. It sure will be an out of the world experience.

My baby blog needs a new head

It's getting late, and I'm getting sleepier every passing minute. But before I go to sleep, I want to finish off my baby blog new header. I make it a point to change a header every month, but the last one has been there since what, last year if I'm not mistaken.

I need a new header, I want my new header to be up by tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get it done by tonight.

My theme colour: red, beige and orange. We'll see how well that turns out.

March 25, 2008

If only I was a little wiser

It really makes me sad, with my blog page rank down to zero. I really need to look into doing something else to earn some extra moolah, besides writing reviews. Perhaps doing some buying and selling on the Internet. Of course, it's nothing as profitable as investing in gold bullion, but at least it beats doing nothing.

But honestly, gold is so worth investing in. 10 years ago, the price of gold is at 32 ringgit a gram, and today it's 109 ringgit a gram. How many fold increase is that? Imagine a 10 gram bracelet only cost 320 but now it's over a thousand dollars.

What's more if it's gold bullion worth tens and hundreds of gram. If only I know gold will be in such a great demand today, I would have pawned everything 10 years ago to invest in gold. By now, I'll be filthy rich.

If only..

March 22, 2008

PR 0

Inmypyjamas is now officially a PR 0 blog. From a 3 down to a big fat zero. I'm not in the mood to talk.

March 18, 2008

Are you a shopper like me?

It's late now, where else can I go shopping if not online shopping? Hey, it's open 24/7, shop from anywhere around the globe, low prices and a wide varieties of choices. What more could any shopaholic ask for?

My sister has been wanting to get a laptop for sometime now, I saw this cool new Sony Vaio at a bargain price at $1499. She's going to love this. I don't know if this is a bad habit or wise consumer habit, but I tend to do a lot of price comparison among different stores before deciding on what I want to get. This way, I save a lot of money and most importantly I feel good buying it knowing that I got all the good deals.

What about you? Do you browse a handful of stores for the same item before making up your mind?

Snail speed or what?

Gosh. Can the internet speed get any slower than this? I'm seriously telling you, I see this: page is loading, if you're experiencing slow connection, consider blah blah blah..all day and it's driving me up the wall.

It really puts me off blogging, I hate to wait for the page to load, I rather go shopping. Be right back.

March 17, 2008

Luck comes from wearing everything red

Chinese, by nature are superb gamblers no matter where they are and where they are from. Risk takers like chinese gambles on everything from casino, jackpot, horse betting, Online Casino, roulette, or the four digit winning number. So you might think all these gamblers gamble their way to richness? I would say it all depends on luck.

Chinese go the extreme mile to get good luck, from wearing charms to putting on their red undergarments, red pants or shirt, for red colour
in chinese spells luck. It might sounds crazy, but indeed chinese are that superstitious.

How lucky would someone be to get the
$888 First Deposit Bonus from the Online Casino betting? You never know until you play it yourself at Rushmore Online Casino. This site in totally reliable and secure gaming environment, isn't that the best good luck charm you can find in playing online?

March 16, 2008

Our lazy sunday

What a lazy sunday. We stayed home an entire day, after we scrapped our shopping plan all because my hubs didn't want to go shopping. He refused to drive us anywhere near a shopping mall.
And the thing is, I wasn't anywhere near bored. I kept myself busy with my iphone, and now it's charging for the second time, in a day.

March 15, 2008

My tennis buddy

Growing up, every kids has their own best friend. I have one too. We used to do everything together, in school and everywhere else. We hang out a lot at each other's house, though we are from different races, we just clicked.

Her father was a tennis coach, so you can imagine she's spoilt for choices when it comes to tennis wear like tennis skirts and the best kind of tennis racquet string available in the market. I learned a few things along the way too, like how a good quality string will not slide during play, not forgetting that it has superb grips. The only thing I regret is not taking up tennis when I can get free coaching. What a waste.

Being a great friend that she was, she always request gifts from her father's sponsor on behalf of me. How fortunate I am to have such a friend? Very. The good part is, she always get tennis freebies, and special item which are not always available in the market. On one birthday, she presented me with one of those tennis polo shirt that was really nice. It quickly became my favourite shirt for a long time.

There's so much to learn about tennis if you want. From getting a good racket to buying the right pair of tennis shoe. It takes a lot of practise to make you a good player, just like every other sports. I still adores tennis as much as I used to, maybe I'll consider taking tennis lessons in the future.

my new UCOB and a.n.a

We were at Subang Parade this evening, because Marcus wants Dave Deli. What an excuse to go straight from Shah Alam Shopping Centre to Subang Parade. I bought a pair of United Colors of Benetton three-quarter jeans, last pair left hanging on the rack, I must grab it. It's on 70% discount! Got another a.n.a top at Kassa. I'm so happy.

Have a great weekend shopping babes..

March 13, 2008

My FOC mechanic

From a very young age, my husband show great interest in cars. He'll be at the neighbourhood workshop for an entire day, stand aside and watch the mechanics do their job. He wasn't good academically, and when he dropped out of school at the age of 17, it was a natural step for him to pursue his interest. From there, he progress to becoming a race car driver, then to opening a car dealership.

I would say that his life revolves around cars, or the cars around him. Even now, he has his own workshop for repairing his own cars. A car garage I call it his toy shop. But as for engine overhaul or transmission unit, he prefers to buy it from suppliers like midwest auto recycling that provides a durable and good service. It saves his time having to recondition these parts himself.
Every time my car breaks down, I know I can always depend on my personal mechanic. Free of charge.

Oh, you're home

This morning, I woke up to find my sister in the living room. That was quite a surprise, because I expected her to inform me to pick her up from the airport but obviously she didn't. She bought lots of nuts! toys for the boys and tops for me. I will blog about that later. I need a shower now. I stink like shit.

I say: Reward yourself

I'm really happy for my other half, my twin sister. She's someone I would call a high flyer. She has achieved so much in her career, she has come a long way to get what she has today. I'm proud to say she deserved it all. All of it. So when she asked me if it's a good idea to splurge on an expensive watch, to be exact, a patek philippe, I said "Go for it".

She's a very successful banker, dealing with the rich and famous customers, those customers who will not settle for anything lesser than driving a Bentley and owns a collection of patek phillipe watches. These very rich people probably buy breitling watches for their 10 year old kids.
Anyone in the customer service will tell you that appearance is everything, besides being brainy. In a way, it makes you connect to your customers on the same level, the least you have to do is look presentable, look like half a million dollar man, if not a million. I cannot be more proud than having such a sister, someone so young, but yet so successful.

March 12, 2008

Speedy post approval

Yooo hooo!

My 7 out of 8 blogitive post has just been approved. This is a record time they approved my post. And as for the last one standing, I'm not sure why they didn't approve it just yet. Maybe later. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they won't reject it, rejection would mean re-do and re-submit. I hate to go through a rejected post. I'm sure you do too.

She's so into it

I was having a conversation with my mother on where she should place the computer in her house, so that she can monitor my 12 year old brother internet activities easily. She mentioned how she love to have the computer in the room, which I was against because I think that it would be easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids with the computer in the living room.

Anyway, my mom, she surprised me when she mentioned that she wants to get a laptop! For someone who doesn't know how to use a computer, she really gave me a shock just like my aunt. My aunt, who is also a computer illiterate, got a laptop as a valentines gift from her husband.

The reason she wants a laptop is to keep her occupied during the daytime when her husband goes to work. She loves playing
online casino, her all time favourite past time. She even mentioned to my mom how interesting the casino games are, no wonder my mom now dreams of having her own laptop. A laptop just to play jackpot slot machine on vegas casino, can you believe it? Oh yes, believe it.

A blog marathon or a blog walkathon

Sigh. It's drizzling again outside. All my plans today went out the window just like that. My sister, who is supposed to fly home today is still in Dubai. I had plans to go out shopping after I finish writing a post, but now we got to stay home. With two kids who must tag along with me, the thought of rainy day outing really puts me off, big time.

So, I'm just going to stay home and write more post. Seriously, my brain is not really active at this hour of the day, but I'll try.

A statement on your wrist

My dearest husband is a fond collector of watches. He sees collecting these items as a hobby, also as a investment. He has For a person who knows so much about watches, there's no doubt he knows a thing or two about patek phillipe watches. I haven't yet to see his collection because he keeps it in the bank's safe, but I'm pretty sure he owns some pretty impressive collectible watches like Rolex, Breitling maybe even a patek philippe.

He loves to buy watches magazine to check out the latest collection of these luxury watches. I, under his great influence, has picked up interest in learning more about these expensive watches. A watch like Audemars Piguet and patek does more than just telling time, it's a statement , a status and class. Celebrities wears them, influential figures in the society cannot do without them, there must be something very prestigious about it. You bet.

My Marc Jacobs

A wonderful friend bought me this gorgeous neckless from Marc Jacobs. I don't remember a time when she came back here to Malaysia without a gift for me and my little son. The last time she came back, she bought a converse shoe with lots of Gap. Inc clothings for Shern, and a balenciaga coin purse for me.

Thank you so much, my dear friend.

Sometimes you'll have to fight for it

Almost 5 years now, my mother has yet to get the compensation she deserved when she met with a major road accident. The driver behind the wheels was on high level of alchohol, rammed into the car my father was driving, immediately my mother passed out.

She was rushed to the hospital, and was on coma. Few days later, she woke up to a bunch of total strangers by her bedside, her loved ones. She couldn't remember us, and it was heartbreaking. She lost her memory and doctor said it will take time for her to recover. She cannot even remember our name, but once in a while, she mumbled her child hood grandmother stories. Slowly, over a span of few months, she recovered.

In many cases like my mom's, victim are not well-compensate because they didn't know what they are entitled to, or what their rights are. If you think you might have such a case to fight, a free consultation with accident compensation attorney Larry R. Demerath might help. As a personal injury attorney Omaha, he has proven himself to be capable of handling such cases.

March 11, 2008

After the ice rain

Here's some photos i got in my email. Amazing photos taken after ice rain in South China. I don't know if I'll ever get to witness this with my own eyes but it's sure not possible to see anything like this in a country with hot and humid weather all year long.
flowers and veges all covered with thick ice.

the ice in the leaf shape, nice.

On the 4th day..

Today is the fourth day of my menstrual cycle, and also the one day I hate in my menstrual calendar. Just when the period is almost clearing, I'll experience the most unbelievable cramps inside me, then followed by a gush of blood released almost instantly. Well, with blood lumps i might add.

A check with the gynae, I'll all good. Then why is it so? You have anything to share on this?

Who else has such a habit?

I don't know who else has this weird habit of carrying a pair of flat shoes with them when they go shopping, but my mom does. Despite repeated same conversations we had, of why don't she just go shopping in a pair of shoes she's comfortable wearing instead of wearing the heels she looks good in, she continues her weird habit.

Halfway mid shopping, when her feet hurts, or her back hurts ( she had slip disc surgery before) she'll change into her flats. I think she really need this Superfeet for her shoes for maximum support, balance and shock absorption when she goes to her China trip next month. She'll be walking a lot, walking uphill downhill through slopes and villages maybe, so this would give her the comfort she needs.

It's pouring outside, and I came home with no blinds

It's crazy outside the streets now. The rain is still pouring big time and the roads, ouch are so congested. Some places are flooded but I'm talking about nothing too serious here. I made it home from after a tour around town from subang (to the bank)-sunway (hubs left his bmw at the paintshop)-sg buloh(pick up his subaru from friend's showroom)-sunway( left the subaru in another workshop to change the tinted glass) and back home.
Just like that, I wasted 4 hours. But I'm glad I settled my issues with the bank, I can sleep better tonight.

As for the blinds, I forgotten all about it just now. I'll keep that errand in my tomorrow to-do-list. We'll see how. I need to be at the airport tomorrow to pick up my eldest sister who will be coming home from Dubai. What if I don't have the time? Ouch, 24 a day. Is it really enough?

Bank and blinds

It's two plus now. I really need to run to the bank to settle some issues I have with the bank. Bummer. I'm so hating banks.

Then a trip to the shopping mall to see if I can find any thick outdoor blinds, preferably cheap and long lasting. No way. Nothing is cheap now. Cheap thing is no good, good thing is no cheap. I'm sure you heard that before. Let's see if I can find any blinds today. Got to run.

Amazing soil grows amazing plants

When one of our favourite herbs got stolen from our mini vegetable plot a few weeks back, we moved all the herbs plants indoor. But sad to say, they're not growing well. Nothing beats a plant growing on land than potted plants. Blame it on lack of nutrients and water.

If only I my garden has those micro nutrient rich soil like those the volcanic slopes of Kona’s Hualalai Mountain in Hawaii, then I reckon my herbs won't be growing so miserably. Soils are no doubt of one most important factor when it comes to gowing plants, which explains why the Kava plants from Hawaii are the most sought after Kava root in the world.

If you want to get your hands on those roots, check out, all products are proven to be Safe Herbal Supplement. But as for the soil, those are not for sale. Sigh.

Twins: the new trend or what?

Oh, great. Twins are so in trend right now i bet. Marcia Cross, Julia Roberts had them. Then Jennifer Lopez just gave birth to two wonderful babies and now who? Sources confirmed Angelina Jolie is carrying Brad Pitts twins, and she's going to deliver the babies in France this time.

One question. Is it really that easy to conceive twins? I'm just wondering if it's by all means natural or maybe nowadays people don't mind popping a pill or two. Well, I mean fertility pills. Or IVF otherwise.

March 10, 2008

If I get to go...

My aunties and uncles will be going on a family trip to China this coming May, but I won't be going with them. Well, I've been to China many times enough to know how the entire China looks like. It'll be more or less the same, might be worst in some rural areas, with toilets with no doors. I used to go to China a lot when hubs rally there for the China team.

Hopefully, my next vacation plan will be one of the western country namely the UK or US. My hubs promised me a Europe trip long long time ago but I'm not very sure if he's free to bring me yet. I would love to visit my friend in New York, if I get to apply for the US visa. You see, I'm a stay-at-home mom with no income, I might not meet the least of the criterias post by the immigration.

But if I get to go, I really need to plan my trip well, that includes saving on my travelling expediture, booking of New York Hotel, get one of those guaranteed nice and lowest in price hotel. In that case, I'll have more money to go shop till I drop. Brilliant idea isn't it?

A step back please...

Today is such a gloomy day. Hubs really annoyed me with his silence sometimes. How is it possible that this man I love talks so little when I have so much to share? The bad weather didn't help a little, and guess who became my mood swing victim?

My two year old little cutie. I told him to take a nap and he said he wants to play! Well, he took a forced nap anyway and woke up crying like a hungry baby, just that he ain't hungry at all. But cranky. I almost explode on him.

I'm on a menstrual stress. Step back.

Great savings on online shopping

Do you actually realised that you can buy things online at a cheaper price with Shopping Coupon codes or Voucher codes as they call it in the UK? I don't always shop online, but whenever I do, I'll make sure I search for these Discount codes before I proceed to the check out. With these codes, you get Special Offers on your purchase item, a free gift or sometimes you get free delivery to your doorstep.

Sendmediscounts offers a wide list of merchants and their promotional offers codes, ranging from Asda vouchers to Amazon UK. It also includes a list from US based online store like Dell and HP.
Based on a research done, online consumer can actually save up to 30% buying with these special codes, some can even be downloaded and printed for use in-store.

So if you're planning to make an online purchase, make sure you first look for a discount code.

my dirt cheap american eagle shorts

I'm just surfing american eagle online shop and I found my pair of shorts on sales, AE Cuffed Denim Short selling for USD 34.50!
Oh my, i bought it from one of the local factory outlet shop (minus the ugly belt) for only 29 ringgit, somewhere around USD 9. Muahaha..Dirt cheap or what. I'm so happy.

March 8, 2008

An address plaque is not just about numbers

Now that the entire house has a new coat of fabulous paint, also in my favourite colour, I think it's time to accessorize the house with a beautiful address plaques. You might not have thought about this, but an address plaques is the first thing people note when they come to your house, I sure want it to be unique yet elegant like this Oakleaf Arch Illuminator Address Plaque. It's personalised and custom made upon ordering, totally what I'm looking for.

Victoria Secret Pink Collection '86 Tour

This is a Victoria Secret Pink Collection my cousin got from U.S, but then she decided not to keep it. If you're interested in purchasing it, please leave me a comment.

Think bright, effervescent. Sophisticated. Sexy. Modern. Confident. Playful. Dab it on. Expect the unexpected. Domestic and imported.

This pretty gift set comes with:

1 x PINK eau de parfum spray 30ml
1 x PINK body lotion 100ml

Fragrance type: green floral

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, green leaves, violetleaves, artemesia (armoise), juniperberryMiddle notes: freesia, lily of the valley (muguet),neroli, peony

Low notes: sandalwood, vetiver, musk, vanilla

March 7, 2008

I'm with Snapbomb!

Hey bloggers! Ever got sick of refreshing your screen every 30 seconds just to find that there are no review opportunity out there for you. Worse if they have all been grabbed, you're just 5 seconds too late. I know this sounds familiar, for this is what I do best, refresh my screen to find no harvest.

Things can always be better I suppose. I like the idea of post are being reserved just for me, not having to fight for a task. Which is why, I was mesmerized when I read a Snapbomb review from one of my fellow blogger, I signed up immediately. Snapbomb is now the biggest buzz in the blogger's community where bloggers get the chance to write what they are passionate about and get paid doing it. Blog marketing has spurred such a great impact on the internet and I'm so glad I'm making money out of it.

You can do it too. All you need to do is to sign up, and upon registration you blog will be evaluated. In any given blogs, there'll be a price range in which will be the price you get paid for writing any reviews with Snapbomb. The better your reviews are, chances are the higher they are going to pay you. So, click on the link and get started.

It's friday but no one is taking it easy

It's been a hectic morning for me. I went to the supermarket for some grocery shopping and then to the post office. Got back home, then hubs got to leave his car at the workshop for some servicing, so I got to pick him up from there. Then we went to grab some quick lunch before heading to the hospital for hubs check up. He has been feeling chest discomfort for the past few days and he was quite worried.

Well, the doctor said everything is fine but hubs insist on getting an x-ray. After the x-ray which confirmed hubs lungs is 100% alright, doctor said something that makes hubs look somehow stupid.

"you want to be completely well, then you got to stop smoking". He's talking my thoughts. Good.

Love Mercedes, Love the Class

Hubs will be head over heels if he knows where he can get this amazing Mercedes Body Kit online. He has been making lots of inquiries on this Body Kit and the 19 inches sports rim for his E320 Mercedes around town but the price is either too expensive or the parts are not genuine.

Hubby has this habit of car perfection before selling the cars off to his customers. His advise, "No one will be impressed with knock-off parts so you got to be wise in how to accessorize your Mercedes really". Ok, must add he's absolutely right.

God is with him

I really want to thank God for his presence and his guidance on my darling hubs. Last night incidence was a real eye opener on who your true friends are. There are those who would never think twice to betray you, those who won't bat an eyelid if you got run over by a car and die on the spot. Chinese call these "pigs and dogs friends", those you can live better without. Then there are those who will make this world a better place if they are kept behind bars. Forever.

Last night, I had chills all over my body, thinking what if I have to carry on alone, and what if..and what if. Thousands of questions flooded my mind, they never did before. It sure kept me thinking. My hubs is my everything, someone I can have standing beside me for many many years to come.

I would prefer if you don't ask what happened. Why bother anyway.

March 6, 2008

High Speed Internet- free for life

I'm so thrilled to share this with you my fellow blog reader. Thrilled being there's so many goodies to be won at Charter. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! by just registering your email address together with your personal details, you get to win everything Nintendo from Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand complete with 5 Sports games.

Besides that, you can also bid for the Charter Internet High Speed for life with bid starting as low as $10. You never know you might get lucky, it sure beats getting stuck with super slow speed internet for life right? Aha, this piece of information is so fresh from the oven, so consider yourself lucky and perhaps luckiest if you get to win.

I'm not kidding, I cannot remember how many times I almost dozed off waiting for my internet page to load, especially web pages with complicated flash files and how many times I wished I have high speed internet connection here where i live. Other times, I got so impatient I totally shut off the computer.
You have no idea how high speed internet can helps you get ahead of million others when it comes to grabbing reviews opportunity. Speaking of location, you have to make sure that where you live is a Charter serviceable area, of whether you zip codes qualifies for the bidding.

Now that you're ahead of million others to register yourself, may I wish you luck when the bidding auction starts on March 12. Tell me if you win. I'll be happy for you.

March 5, 2008

I photoshop-ped my sisters!

As promised, this is a piece of photoshop practice I've done in my free time. I remember telling myself, if I can fix on double eye lid on someone's eye, then I can consider myself pretty good at photoshop. But human being human, now I'm more than willing to learn more in photoshop. I'm not going to stop here.

jess and lynd original photo.

photoshop: eyeliner with burn tool, make bigger eyes and curvier nose with warp tool, sharper face with a mixture of tools are amongst the major changes I did, eyelashes with brush tool. Finally, enhanced the image with Photoshop Lightroom.

Any comments?

Make your blog a buzz

Bloggging now rules the internet. No wonder more and more people are into blogging while some bloggers can own up to several blogs. For some, it helps brings home the bacon, and others it's the extra pocket money.

The latest internet buzz is sure Signing up at is totally free. It helps drives traffic to your blog be it a photo blog, music blog, flash blog, art blog or just plain blog. On the other hand, make your blog post more visible for people to read.

Wears him off before bedtime

"Can you do this, mommy? See i can do somersault. Mommy don't know how to somersault."

This is what he loves to do at bedtime. And the bed is his playground. He can twist and turn, roll and jump, scream and shout, all before he goes to bed. It helps wears him off. Good idea to let your kids go hyper before bedtime.

With my little boy, I have no trouble putting him to bed at 8pm. Maybe this is my biggest trick. :)

March 4, 2008

One mail after another, and it's all insurance

First the car insurance company sent me a letter reminding me that my car insurance is almost due and I have no idea about it until a mail came for me. From an insurance company I don't remember I signed up for. Reason being, my husband deals with all the cars matter, from paying the road tax to servicing the cars. And then, another mail came from my Courier Insurance company to remind me that my yearly premium is due already. All this is going to cost me a few thousand dollars.

Imagine how much people nowadays spend on insurance, from vehicle insurance to life insurance. A lot. It's hard to come across a person who never owns insurance of any kind. Even parents insured their newborn babies, be it for educational purposes or otherwise.

It is very important to choose a trustworthy insurance company that provides excellent service, good coverage at very competitive price. In view of that, it is crucial to look into the available options and not rush into making a decision. Just like when my aunt decided to stop paying for her life insurance premium of
over 20 years, she was told she's getting back nothing. Not even a single dollar. As furious as she was, every thing was stated in black and white, there's no way she could fight for her money back. Don't let this happen to you, get professional help if you're unsure of your decision.

How desperate are you for a cup of tea?

Try a mountain trail stroll in China.

Start off with a cable car trip. Now follow the path. Becareful of oncoming 'traffic'. This is crazy scary! As it gets steeper, you climb stepping up with your feet into the holes. Almost there.
Finally, the teahouse. Amazing view isn't it? All this risk for a cup of tea. I'll pass .

Impressive doesn't always cost a bomb

In the last exhibition I went, I was most impressed with the perfection of the exhibition in terms of layout and the organization as whole. It was sure a proved statement that the organizer had put in much effort in order to make the event a very successful one.

One of the things I note was how the organizers are willing to allocate an amount of money to make personalized trade show booths in their theme color. Besides that, they had their company banner stands placed in various places in the shopping mall to make aware the exhibition to the public. I must admit I was drawn to the exhibition by the banner.

The two days event was packed with people, because besides exhibiting their products, they also provide talks and stage event like lucky draw and games for the public. The Pipe and Drape of the stage was really impressive though it was a temporary one.

Such an event won't be so successful if no thorough planning has been made, it is wise to look for professional help when it comes to planning an exhibition, putting tiny details into consideration, even a personalized table skirts with your company logo will be worth exhibiting.

I'm exhausted.

We just got back home from Singapore late last night. I slept at about 3 am after some unpacking, a shower and after I checked on my little boy. So when Shern woke me up at 7am this morning, crying, I told him to give me 5 more minutes in bed. But his crying got louder, I had to carry him out of the room. See, he wants his Evo toy car first thing in the morning, not even his milk or maid or mommy. What a fuss he made over a toy car.

It's three pm now, I'll drag Shern for a nap in a while, cos I need one too.

March 3, 2008

Japanese Garden with Koi fish pond

My brother came up to me with an amazing plan he has in mind. He wants to turn out current dirty and ugly fish pond into a Japanese Garden with a Koi fish pond. I have nothing against his big plans if he is planning to work on the project all by himself from scratch, and he has to make sure he completes it. Every single task from getting the supplies from Gardener's supply to trips to Target for tools and equipments. I should remind him to make purchases online use of the coupon codes to save money on his project. No one wants a half done pool with no Koi fishes and a sandy patch without plants.

His estimated cost upon project complication comes about 2000dollars which I think it too expensive given that he'll be working on the project all by himself. Good thing that Home depot is having an online only sales up to 50%, plus the coupon codes, I reckon this project might even cost him a thousand dollar in total.

It might be a good idea to add a piece of furniture to the garden, like a wooden garden tea table, it will sure be cool.

I'm somewhere else

It's quite late now. 1.52 am to be exact. I'm now blogging from my twin sister's laptop, which simply means I'm at hers. In Singapore. Tomorrow's going to be a great day i know, with lotsa shopping and lotsa food. Now, who doesn't love a break? A break from your normal routine, from your home and take it easy somewhere else.

You have a great weekend ahead. Enjoy.

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