March 25, 2008

If only I was a little wiser

It really makes me sad, with my blog page rank down to zero. I really need to look into doing something else to earn some extra moolah, besides writing reviews. Perhaps doing some buying and selling on the Internet. Of course, it's nothing as profitable as investing in gold bullion, but at least it beats doing nothing.

But honestly, gold is so worth investing in. 10 years ago, the price of gold is at 32 ringgit a gram, and today it's 109 ringgit a gram. How many fold increase is that? Imagine a 10 gram bracelet only cost 320 but now it's over a thousand dollars.

What's more if it's gold bullion worth tens and hundreds of gram. If only I know gold will be in such a great demand today, I would have pawned everything 10 years ago to invest in gold. By now, I'll be filthy rich.

If only..


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