March 5, 2008

I photoshop-ped my sisters!

As promised, this is a piece of photoshop practice I've done in my free time. I remember telling myself, if I can fix on double eye lid on someone's eye, then I can consider myself pretty good at photoshop. But human being human, now I'm more than willing to learn more in photoshop. I'm not going to stop here.

jess and lynd original photo.

photoshop: eyeliner with burn tool, make bigger eyes and curvier nose with warp tool, sharper face with a mixture of tools are amongst the major changes I did, eyelashes with brush tool. Finally, enhanced the image with Photoshop Lightroom.

Any comments?


wow! what an excellent work. can u edit some of my ugly pictures, too? hehehe. really, you are bet of an artist.

thanks for the visit today. it's a bit busy too at my end so i failed to blog hope for many weeks now.

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