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June 25, 2008

It's his Birthday

We'll be going to Kuantan tomorrow for the third round of rally, and tomorrow will also be hubby's birthday and I have yet to get him a gift! I have absolutely no idea what to get him. Shaver, mobile phone, wallet, belt, shoe, watch- he has it all. He's not a gadget person, so forget about getting him an iPod, PSP, playstation or a laptop.
The thing is, I actually asked him few weeks back what he'd love for his birthday, he said nothing. Of course it's nothing when he's the one who will ended up paying for my credit card bill. LOL. He mentioned something about just having a dinner, not even did he requested for a birthday cake. How simple can it get? If you know my hubby, you'll know that he's not the "please come celebrate my birthday' kind of guy. He's not comfortable being in the spotlight, blowing candles off a cake and all.
But still, I really want to get him a gift he'll love. One thing for sure, I cannot afford to buy him a nice sports car, like a Lamborghini or a Maserati. Everyone knows that my hubby is very much into nice, fast cars. Get a loan til payday cash advance is not an option here, cos I don't work and therefore I do not have a payday. I think I'll just buy him a cake and place a die cast Lambirghini on top of the cake. What about that? LOL.

Credit card war

It's just crazy how banks try to lure consumers into signing up for their credit cards. Honestly, applying for a Platinum credit card is all too easy nowadays. Banks are coming up with so many incentives like free gifts for just applying for a credit card. And I must add, a plastic Formula car really failed to attract me into signing up, it's more an attraction to my 2.5 year old son. Boy oh boy.
And the glass or so-called crystal chess set is not that appealing to me either. I don't play chess, and I rather not have glass horse and prince collecting dust on my cabinet. Oh worse, if my son happens to mess around with it and it breaks and hurt him? Very very bad idea, don't you think so?
I just don't get it, these people, can't they not be a little more creative when it comes to giving free gifts? It doesn't really need to be expensive stuff, but I think useful things like a computer mouse or a checkbook holder will do the trick better. Sure enough, I didn't get that plastic Ferrari. But I did get a toiletry bag in lime green. Yucks, but it sure beats getting the chess set.

Malang Sial Maximum!

Did you know that the most embarrassing thing just happened to me last night? First, the car ran out of diesel, and afterwards, the car battery konked too! And if that's not enough, I only had 6 ringgit and a credit card with me. All I wanted was just a short trip to the hypermarket to get some eggs. Really it was a
Malang Sial day for me.

I'm getting a Dirt Devil

I'm telling you, sometimes being nice just don't pay off. I'm not saying that it's not good to help, or I that I'm asking for a favor in return. But someone (I'm not telling who, I'm keeping it private) actually asked if I can borrow him my vacuum cleaner about a month back. He sounded so desperate and pity, well it's just a vacuum cleaner after all, so I lend it to him. But when I need to use it today, and I called to ask if he can please return it to me, he can't be bothered to even bring to back to me. I waited one whole day, and still no vacuum cleaner. My poor maid got to brush off those dirt from inside the car with a tiny sweeper. And worst of all, my hubby actually nagged me for not being nice to people who can never appreciate what we did for them. I'm in such a difficult situation now. No vacuum, and phew! I can feel some tension in the air. Help!

Never mind that my vacuum is gone now, I don't care if he sold it off or whatever. I will eventually get him to pay me money to buy a new one. Say the new cordless Dirt Devil AccuCharge Stick Vac, the first ever hi-tech cordless vacuum to earn Energy Star recognition. Yeah, I like.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

June 22, 2008

You call blogging a job?

While the world gets to rest on a Sunday, a blogger like me still got to get some work done. You see, this thing about blogging is either you get your job done or you get fried. I'm now working on a car blog for my dearest husband. If you haven't know, he's in the car business. Before any other individual car sales person does this, I jumped ahead and created him a car blog for him to advertise his cars. Of course I'm not talking about big car dealership, they've got the budget to get a web designer to do it, and everything is professionally done.
A blogger works around the clock, it doesn't matter if some people are fast snoring there in some Copenhagen Hotels or some are getting their sun tan near the beach at a Las Vegas Hotel, a blogger's need to do what a blogger needs to do. Aha, don't I sound like a professional blogger for a second there?
I wish more than anyone to get a break, pack my bags and go on a holiday. Oh, yippie. We'll be away in Kuantan next week. It's the capital city for Pahang, but I'm not looking forward to staying at the hotel there, the one we stayed last year. Oh, how can they beat Aalborg Hotel? No way.

June 21, 2008

Big time Inflation

Hubs was telling me this on our way home from dinner this evening. He's really feeling the pinch with the current 40% fuel hike. He normally pumps up $ 50 everytime he's at the gas station, even now that fuel is much more expensive. Meaning, he got to refill his tank basically everyday, and on days that he travels more frequent, it's more than just a trip.
I don't know about others, but right now, I think I can do with a very economical car, one with a very minimal fuel consumption. I'm sure most of the luxury car dealers are having a rough time selling their big expensive cars. Even the government is asking the citizen to go easy on spending their money. But to me, it's not so much a matter of spending, but rather it is to spend wisely. It doesn't matter if you get a second mortgage or borrow from a loan shark, but if you're spending more than your income, anyone will be in trouble no matter how bad or good the inflation is. Or how cheap or expensive the fuel is.

It's now time to pack

One of the maids will be going home soon, after 3 years with us. It just seems like she came yesterday, with her short, nun-like-hair and her silver pair of sports shoe? Who is the world wears metallic color sport shoe? I don't know. Oh, that's our maid.

For the three whole years she's with us, we probably bought her a dozen pair of shoes and slippers, and many more other stuff like clothings, accessories and such. I don't know about other employer, but when it comes to me, I love buying them things, though not those expensive stuff, they'll be more than happy to be rewarded. Only less than 2 weeks here with us, I already asked her to pack up all her stuffs, just in case we need to ship it back to her, we can do so. You know how expensive those overweight charges are at the airport. Otherwise, she still has gifts she needs to buy, for her darling, family or even friends.

Is your day as gloomy?

It rained cats and dogs all day long. I already got enough of sleep, given that I woke up at 10 today, but the gloomy weather just made me yawn and want to hit the pillow and snore. I even bribed the boys to take a nap, cos both of them were just too noisy for me to handle, forgive me, but I was damn sleepy. I bribed them with a trip to the bread shop, which by the way also sells very delicious gelato ice-cream (the boys favourite ice-cream). As we were lying next to each other in bed, Shern looked over to me and said, "the sky not dark also, why must sleep now?"
I rolled and twist and turn a bit, found my hibernation spot, then bugger, hubs called asking me to send his car to the workshop, and a while later, Marcus tuition teacher came and left without picking Marcus. I got to drag myself out of bed to send Marcus off, then to the workshop. I'm really tired now, I really got to get some rest.

June 18, 2008

Gym or no gym?

The thing about me is that I procrastinate too much, too often. I've been wanting to sign up for a gym membership for the longest time. So, I finally went yesterday, twice! And the elevators were out of service, and I didn't dare risk walking up the very dark stairs so I went home. The gym is very near my house, but it's sort of a creepy place, it's not the busiest place in town. Hence, let's just say walking up that dark stairs inviting trouble. I'm really having second thoughts about signing up in that gym. What if the elevator there breaks down 4 times a week ( I know, but the maintenance there really sucks big time, my sister used to rent an office lot there), that leaves me very little days to go to the gym. But then again, the gym only charges $90 a month membership.
I really need to do some work out, I can't just laze at home everyday sipping
ORGANIC VEGAN CHOCOLATE and HOODIA GORDONII and glued to the computer. You know, when I'm bored, I tend to eat more and also more frequent. Then of course I gain more weight. And when that happens, I get all stressed up when my clothes don't fit. Stress or not stress, kava is not the only thing I need, I really need to lose weight this time.

I'm turning into my mom

Yada yada. As much as one dislike it, they will eventually turn into their mom. Trust me on this. I think I'll starting to sound like my mom. In fact, I became one when I least expected it. Even now, when my 2 and a half years old son did something that displeased me, I tend to remind him how much his bad behaviour upsets me, and how he should never ever behave like that again. I remember I used to hate it so much when my mom go all naggy on me. Yes! I can't help it! I'm just like her now.

Free drug reference on your iPhone

So, I got an iphone, big deal, NO! When I first got my iphone, my dear iphone hacker told me that I should never ever consider pressing the Installer icon, for if I accidently download anything that I shouldn't, then my iphone will turn into ibrick. So silly me, I just do with the 9 icons on my iphone for the first 5 months. To be honest, I thought the world has given too much credit for this phone, when all it does to me is make phone calls, check the weather forecast (like I need this!), and bummer I can't even send MMS.
So when my sister found out from a stranger that she can install a hundred other applications from the Installer, we cannot be more addicted to our phone. There's so much more to this phone than just getting a good day weather. And the good news is Epocrates is working with Apple to develop a downloadable drug guide for iPhone devices, your totally free drug reference in your pocket, forget having to flip through a thousand pages of medical reference before writing a prescription to your patient. For now, all you need to do is to go to on your Safari web browser for your very own free drug reference.

"This announcement was paid for by Epocrates".

Jumping into the blogging bandwagon

To many others, reading a blog is all about taking a peek in someone else's life. A friend told me that after he read my blog, he basically know half my life, like for real. And as freaky as it sounds, it makes me realised that I might had shared too much about my personal life, especially my baby's growing up. But then, he convinced me that there's nothing much I need to worry. Say, a stalker who religiously reads my blog, who is eyeing on us for God knows what reason, there's only thing part of my life that he knows, like what I love to do on a Saturday, or what high heels I bought or what word my son learned to speak at 11 mths. I don't go declaring that I'll be off to THE shopping centre, just in case he might stalk me there. I'm sure I don't go telling the world where I live, my home address or my mobile number. For that, I'm quite sure I'm safe.
So, the other night, my sister asked me whether I can really do make money blogging, and how much on average a lazy blogger like me earn a month. Honestly, there's a lot to consider before you jump into the blogging bandwagon, that is IF you already have a 9-5 job with a good slice of the pie. Blogging is nothing like a job, one day you might find yourself flooded with a dozen of reviews to write, but you also have to deal with the dry spell. Aha, no blogger can guarantee you that you'll be getting a 3 digit send to your paypal account every month. But unless, if you're a stay-at-home mom like me, blogging is definitely a way to earn extra pocket money, a little more spending power. Eh, I like.

June 16, 2008

The C'elle stem cell

Many of us would have heard about baby stem cell by now, in which baby stem cell is being harvest during a women's labor for future use. But many argued about the real benefits of storing a baby's stem cell, because not many research are done on this.
Now, more people can benefit from a totally new stem cell service, C'elle, harvested from menstrual fluid. Women should be aware of this new stem cell, as it has significant potential for future regenerative human therapies, especially in treating life affecting disorders such as diabetes; heart disease and stroke. It comes with an easy-to-use collection kit, making the process all at ease and in the privacy of your own home. $500 off Celle Order Now is a real deal, rather than paying $999 retail price. If you're interested, you could even Become C'elle Distributor for this is a new business with a big potential.
Find out All About C'elle, everything you need to know at This might be a life-changing decision and the wisest decision you'll ever make.

June 15, 2008

A Penis Enlarger??


Does size really matter? I mean is it so important for men to have a huge penis? I don't know if it's this thing with ego or for better self-esteem but I would rather associate it with female and their boobs, female wanting a bigger boobs as to man and their male enhancement. Surprise, surprise. I found out that there's actually this thing called penis enlarger, which is of course for penis enlargement. I'm not joking.

Ew, that's all sweaty!

Some nights, I wake up wishing I am in one fabulous Cannes Hotels, or anywhere where the weather is freezing cold. I don't know if it's just me, or maybe my hubby is feeling the same, but sleeping in a room with air condition can actually makes me sweat, I don't know if cuddle up under the 300 thread-count Egyptians cotton duvet, stuffed with goose down feathers is the major problem here. But that's how it is on some nights, I woke up soaking in sweat. Bummer. I'm just trying to sleep comfortably, can't I?
I've never been to Sweden, I'd love to go there one day. I love to imagine how comfortable it is, tucking myself into bed, with a view from the
Stockholm Hotel overlooking the snowy mountain. Well, if hubs is kind enough to plan a getaway, never mind if it's Cannes or Stockholm, I'll still be more than happy to go, even if it's a trip to a hot city like Dubai, I'm sure all Dubai Hotels have air-conditioning.

5 days ago...

...I wrote my last blog post, which is also the day my husband's dearest aunt passed away. We were so busy, so I really have no choice but to put blogging aside. But I really thank God that Shern has been a really fuss-free toddler for the past few days, making our running about much easier. The past few days has been really hectic, and at the end of the day, there's nothing we want more than to hit the pillow the second we got home. We were just so lack of sleep! Now that aunt had been placed in her final resting place, it's all a breeze. Now, we really need to catch up on our sleep too.

June 10, 2008

What changed you?

You know you've grown up when your life is no longer all about you, and people start asking you questions, seeking your opinion on motherhood issue and whether it's better to get a jogging stroller or a carriage stroller. Life used to be all about me, me and me. Buying what I love, doing what I like, going where I want, without a care for the world. Being married doesn't make much difference to that either, I can split my time well between being there for my husband and yet still spend so much ME time. But having a baby changes everything, for good. A part of it is knowing that there's this little somebody that needs me so much, makes me feel good about myself, minus the pretty clothes and dangling earrings. He looks up to me as the person that I am, not judge me as a fat mom with a bad hair day. So back to strollers, a good friend of mine, a malay girl I met during my uni days at Newcastle, is now 7 months pregnant. She's expecting a baby girl, she called to ask for my opinion on strollers. Let's face it, mommy has no time to go jogging at the park, let alone with a newborn. That jogger might seems like a brilliant idea for a minute, but in reality we only use strollers in a shopping centre, and we ain't going offroad with a baby either. Just get a stroller without the carriage, without the super hi-tech suspension absorber, and of course, we don't need the tiny umbrella too, because when it rains, the baby is going nowhere. We stay home.

June 4, 2008

Not exactly a short trip to the mall

Boring afternoon, so we decided to hit Mid Valley. Boy, the moment we sat in the car, it started to pour. As you know, heavy downpour equals heavy traffic, a trip to Mid Valley normally takes half an hour, but today it took us one hour and 10 minutes just to get to Mid Valley car park this afternoon, we spent another half an hour looking for a parking space. Mom and aunty got so impatience, they got out of the car and stalked people to their car. When they finally got one at the other end of the lane, I got to make a U-turn to get there, but there was this super rude man who drives out of nowhere wanting to claim my parking space. He even scolded my aunty for blocking his space. Obviously my aunt got there first, by foot of course, but does it matter? That's a claimed territory and anyone who can drive will tell you that that's my parking space right. He's so freaking rude to my aunt because she refuse to step out of the recctangle box. Well, his car blocked me from entering, so what the heck, I let him. I told aunt to step off. Why stood down to his level. It's so clear that this man in his 50's is no wiser than a 5th grade student. Bleck..
I drove off after my aunt jumped into the car, furious as hell. Then immediately we found a parking. What a better one, at the very main entrance to the mall. Well, sometimes be a little forgiving can actually makes you feel good inside you know.
Coach is on sales! So many handbags on 30% discount. Of course I wasn't there to buy anything, just for a little research on my own. After that, we went straight to supermarket to grab some groceries. How can Isaac not want Natos- the smelly fermented bean, and a temaki handroll if not a huge pack of sushi. One hour 30 minutes later, we went home. But only after an hour and 30 minutes later, we reach home. Phew!

June 3, 2008

Let's head to Europe next

Mom and the rest of the family just got home from Shanghai, China. Well, up till now, I heard enough complains from them, especially with the so unfriendly Chinese tour guide and lousy food. Apart from that, they had a good time bonding with each other, and a good time shopping. I was told that at the end of their trip, they were each given a questionnaire to complete, a rating on the tour, the tour guide, places they went and their accommodation. Well, nothing comparable to Ireland Hotels of course, but that's not their main issue there. It was the food they were served. Lousy, cheap food though they were told that they will be served hearty big meals before the trip. Bluff.
They were also asked what will be their next holiday destination, aunt note down Korea, while uncle said New Zealand. I suggested that for the next trip, we should head to Europe, since it's easy to find cheap and good Dublin Hotels or places like Cork Hotels. Furthermore, we have never been to Europe together, the whole bunch of us. Erm, I can imagine how fun it'll be when we just sit and talk over a cup of hot coffee in one of the Shannon Hotels, we'll sure have a good time. I know.

Listen up, everyone

Want to learn more about Christianity? Now you can watch sermons online for free at Isn't it better than watching tv now that you can select which sermon you want to hear? You can even upload sermons to share with others, you might even change someone's life for good because when God works, He will do it big time. Head over now to watch Bishop Eddie L. Long preaching on Taking Authority Over the Enemy Pt 1.

Fatigue is now my problem

I woke up to a bunch of loud aunties, my mom and cousins this morning, busy morning packing their luggage before heading straight to the airport after lunch. I so needed to sleep in, but they won. I tell you, my family is LOUD. Like real LOUD. I had to drag myself out of bed, because I have guests in the house. After they left, I jumped back into bed.
3 and a half hours of nap in the afternoon, and now sleepless night for me. Sigh. Like I mentioned before, I get tired so easily lately, I really need to find the root of 'my fatigue problem'. My darling hubs suggested that I get check for diabetic, oh holy moly, ain't he a little too far off the track? I know I had gestational diabetic when I was preggy with Shern, but that was just during pregnancy ok. Furthermore, I'm not the biggest fan of sweets, candies and such, so I'm not the most suitable candidate for diabetic, well at least I think so. Not at 29 anyway. Again, I need to make sure. He has got his points, he's just being caring. Thanks hun.

June 1, 2008

Memories of Nobody

I can imagine that if I'm a Manga character, I'll name myself Ichinotomy-Aricoto, which will bear the meaning the everlasting diva. Aha, sounds so princess-y I know, but if this character is me, then at least I want it to somehow reflects a part of who I am, right? Anyway, I'm surprised that Japanese Manga characters attracts more adults fans than little kids in the recent years. If you're one of the great die-hard anime fans, be sure to catch the release of Bleach the Movie : Memories of Nobody, which will be aired at selected movie theatres nationwide for two nights only, on June 11th and 12th at 7:30 PM. Mark your calendar,alright. You won't want to miss what happened to Ichigo and Soul Reapers next.
Sponsored by NCM Fathom

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