June 21, 2008

Big time Inflation

Hubs was telling me this on our way home from dinner this evening. He's really feeling the pinch with the current 40% fuel hike. He normally pumps up $ 50 everytime he's at the gas station, even now that fuel is much more expensive. Meaning, he got to refill his tank basically everyday, and on days that he travels more frequent, it's more than just a trip.
I don't know about others, but right now, I think I can do with a very economical car, one with a very minimal fuel consumption. I'm sure most of the luxury car dealers are having a rough time selling their big expensive cars. Even the government is asking the citizen to go easy on spending their money. But to me, it's not so much a matter of spending, but rather it is to spend wisely. It doesn't matter if you get a second mortgage or borrow from a loan shark, but if you're spending more than your income, anyone will be in trouble no matter how bad or good the inflation is. Or how cheap or expensive the fuel is.


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