June 21, 2008

It's now time to pack

One of the maids will be going home soon, after 3 years with us. It just seems like she came yesterday, with her short, nun-like-hair and her silver pair of sports shoe? Who is the world wears metallic color sport shoe? I don't know. Oh, that's our maid.

For the three whole years she's with us, we probably bought her a dozen pair of shoes and slippers, and many more other stuff like clothings, accessories and such. I don't know about other employer, but when it comes to me, I love buying them things, though not those expensive stuff, they'll be more than happy to be rewarded. Only less than 2 weeks here with us, I already asked her to pack up all her stuffs, just in case we need to ship it back to her, we can do so. You know how expensive those overweight charges are at the airport. Otherwise, she still has gifts she needs to buy, for her darling, family or even friends.


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