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November 24, 2008

My house is a mess!

Just didn't imagine life will be this hard without a maid. The house is considerable dirty but still torelable. But what the heck right. I seriously cannot keep up with the amount of house chores that keeps adding up and up. It's really a never ending process, especially with two kids in the house that loves to create mess and leaves trails of whatnot they are playing, this house can only get messier by the minute and I seriously cannot keep up! I so need a maid.

Got to go catch some sleep. I really hate to wake up tomorrow with a huge panda eyes and besides that, one can only do so much work a day. No one wants to wake up from the wrong side of the bed and in my case, who's going to do the housework if tomorrow I wake up and find myself with a cervical collars attached to my neck!

Another Sunday without a maid

Another Sunday. What do you normally do on a Sunday? Today as usual, we sleep in until 10am. We promised little darling that we'll bring him to see the rally, but because I forgot to set the clock, we didn't make it. Hubs on the other hand, woke up with body ache and insisted that I massage him on his neck and shoulder. If you follow my baby blog closely, you'll know that he's a rally driver and on this late round of the rally, he crashed.

I've got loads of housework to catch up on. The floor is kind of sticky now, the laundry is like a never ending task, and the dogs are driving me nuts with their stinky shit all over the place. Ouch, please get me a maid!

Two hours late to a wedding

What happened tonight is sure worth telling. A close friend is getting married, and hubs being the anti social person that he is, volunteered to take care of the kids so that my sister will accompany me to the wedding dinner. He was supposed to be back home at 6.30 but he didn't reach home until an hour later. Cocktail party starts at 6:30 and dinner at 7:30pm and imagine a furious me yelling at hubs over the phone asking why is he not back home.

Never mind that we are late, we got lost on the way to the hotel. We just went round and round Putrajaya to search for the IOI Marriot when the fact is IOI Marriot is not even in Putrajaya. Dang!

It rained so heavily and make it all tougher for us to find the place. We got there only at 8:20, which was really embarrassing, but we sure weren't the last ones there. The bride looks so beautiful with her model-like makeup and gorgeous gold wedding gown. Just wondering which Beauty Schools did the artist graduated from. I would sure like to know.

To my good good fwen

Tonight, we celebrate their love. It's sure nice to see that someone you know finally want to settle down to have a family. I must say that he's a lucky man, given that his wife is such a beauty and such a darling too.

Both of them look so lovely together. May I wish the both of you the very best and may this wedding be a start of a wonderful lifetime journey together.

November 22, 2008

Cartoon: a good thing or bad?

What's the best thing you can do on a rainy evening? Take a long long nap of course. I did just that, after we got home from rally. The kids on the other hand, spend an entire evening watching cartoon after cartoon, noddy and friends, pocoyo, ben 10 top their favourite cartoon list.

Do you let your kids watch cartoon on tv? Many months ago, my sister re-subscribe the cartoon channels after I banned the kids from watching it. To me, it's a waste of time to let kids watch cartoons, not to mention that tv can be quite addictive. Seriously, if left unattended, they'll sit there an entire day doing nothing else but eyes all glued on the tv. Also, kids who spend so much time watching cartoon spend so much lesser time studying or reading books. Agree?

What has the society become?

I cannot help but wonder if my kids will abandon me in an old folks home when I'm old and useless. You know how ailing old folks can be quiet a handful, especially those who no longer has control over their own body and need help to go to the toilet.
My grand-aunt was such a case. She died a few days ago, after a fall. Her children could have done better for their mother, but they just leave her lying there all day long with a adult diaper on, they don't even care to dress her up, instead drape a piece of towel over her naked body. Well, a classic tale of an old woman's suffering. How in the world her children have the heart to leave her in that condition I wonder. That's the meanest thing one can do to their parents. I hate to think further.

In my humble opinion, the least they can do is provide her mother with the proper care, like such of Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care, if they haven't got time to take care of their mother. It's sure reassuring to know that the one you loved is in the care of someone you can trust. Really, I don't know what got into them, not my business afterall. All I care about now is to raise my son well, so that he'll grow up into a decent man who respects not only me and his daddy but all elderly people, so I won't ended up a pity woman like that aunt.

Seriously, this early!

This is the earliest I got out of bed on a weekend. Hubs just leave home with my brother. At 7 am in the morning, those two late owls are already out of the house. The race is starting in an hour's time. Just hope that they won't get stuck in a traffic jam, yes on a Saturday. Crazy isn't it?

I just chucked some clothes into the washing machine, while waiting for it to wash, here I am, doing some early bird blogging. Just got to kill some time to before chucking the laundry into the dryer. Waiting is really not very fun.

FB- you know you love it

I'm starting to think that this facebook thing is getting a little scary here. I hesistated for so long before signing up as a member, and suddenly just because I wanted to view someone else's photo in there,I was in already. All in a matter of a split second. Didn't even think twice there. Well, my sister was really quite persuasive there. Anyway, before long, I suddenly get the urge to add as many friends as possible, every Tom Dick and Harry I ever know! Gosh, that's where it got so out of control.
Now comes the scary part, I realised that this world is all too small. Every one I know, acquintances or otherwise, suddenly all became my best friends. We view each other's photos, make comments (flat-out sweetest ones), and greet every one Happy Birthday. Boy, no more lonely birthdays for now. And how in the world my childhood friend know my circle of mommy blogger? Oops, the world just get smaller. In fact, I dig in a little further, just to make sure this friend of mine did not just add my other friend by mistake. True enough, they commented on each other's photo. They are friends, not through me but by other means. My world now has officially shrink! Thanks to facebook. So, is this a good thing or bad?

November 9, 2008

My tedious life

Oh man, didn't know life without a maid is so tough. So many house work to conquer, so little time. Honestly, the house don't has to be all that squeaky clean, the clothes don't need to be all that tidy, and a messy bed is totally fine once in a while, because if I were to put 100% into every task I do in the house, I'll have to repeat what I do all day long because with two little kids in the house, clean is now such an impossible word to use.

I used to be so free, like a queen. So free in fact that I could easily find time to pursue an online degree with school mba. Seeing how busy I am now, I really have no choice but to put that option on hold. Now, I'm stuck with all sorts of errands like picking up Marcus from school, making meals, bathing the kids, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, ironing and the thing I hate to do most is to clean the dog shit twice a day, make it two dogs, 4 times a day! I just cannot wait for the new maid to arrive. Just hoping it'll be pretty soon.


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November 6, 2008

Little Models

Love this pic of the boys so much. They're just so natural posers, right? Took this photo over the weekend after we went to Ryan's concert. Good thing that I brought my Nikon D60 with me. The moment the kids saw this big brown bear, all of them immediately ran towards it and gave it a big hug. Of course, it's too huge for them, so one settled for hugging the bear's feet, one went for bear's arm. I've got more photos of the kids posted at my other blog. Check out my little models. Yeah!

November 3, 2008

What are you?

I just found out that there's this term called millennials. Sounds like a combo of millenium and aliens to me. LOL.

Who are 'millennials'?

"Millennials" is one term sociologists use to designate those youths raised in the sensory-inundated environment of digital technology and mass media at the millennium. Unlike Gen X, which referred generally to people born in the 1960s and 1970s, this generation has yet to carry a name popularized by mainstream culture. Also known as "Echo Boomers," as the children of Baby Boomers, millennials were born from the 1980s on.

Are you one millenials? I thought so I am. Nowadays, people are coming up with all sorts of terms to make English more difficult to catch up. Is spicing up English all that necessary? I know baby boomers, but what's with the Echo boomers and helicopter parents? Really, that many terms! Go figure..

November 2, 2008

I think all girls are shopaholic

Right now, my feet hurts like mad. We were out shopping the entire day, me with a pair of lousy heels that feels like 2 blades slowly cutting off my flesh off my feet. Darn. I shouldn't have wore that pair of heels. I should have put on something flat and comfortable when I go shopping. I'm getting blisters on both sides of my toes.

You must be thinking what is so fun out there at the shopping mall? The thing is when you go shopping with your sisters, you sit down- grab a cup of milk tea and some food, chit chat, then you go try on some clothes or Designer Jewelry together, and bought some bras together and the next thing you know, the mall is closing already. You won't even realised it that you've been there for the past 7 hours. Seriously, you must be thinking we're a bunch of shopaholic, but I think girls are generally all like that. Agree?

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