November 2, 2008

I think all girls are shopaholic

Right now, my feet hurts like mad. We were out shopping the entire day, me with a pair of lousy heels that feels like 2 blades slowly cutting off my flesh off my feet. Darn. I shouldn't have wore that pair of heels. I should have put on something flat and comfortable when I go shopping. I'm getting blisters on both sides of my toes.

You must be thinking what is so fun out there at the shopping mall? The thing is when you go shopping with your sisters, you sit down- grab a cup of milk tea and some food, chit chat, then you go try on some clothes or Designer Jewelry together, and bought some bras together and the next thing you know, the mall is closing already. You won't even realised it that you've been there for the past 7 hours. Seriously, you must be thinking we're a bunch of shopaholic, but I think girls are generally all like that. Agree?


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