November 22, 2008

Cartoon: a good thing or bad?

What's the best thing you can do on a rainy evening? Take a long long nap of course. I did just that, after we got home from rally. The kids on the other hand, spend an entire evening watching cartoon after cartoon, noddy and friends, pocoyo, ben 10 top their favourite cartoon list.

Do you let your kids watch cartoon on tv? Many months ago, my sister re-subscribe the cartoon channels after I banned the kids from watching it. To me, it's a waste of time to let kids watch cartoons, not to mention that tv can be quite addictive. Seriously, if left unattended, they'll sit there an entire day doing nothing else but eyes all glued on the tv. Also, kids who spend so much time watching cartoon spend so much lesser time studying or reading books. Agree?


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