November 24, 2008

Two hours late to a wedding

What happened tonight is sure worth telling. A close friend is getting married, and hubs being the anti social person that he is, volunteered to take care of the kids so that my sister will accompany me to the wedding dinner. He was supposed to be back home at 6.30 but he didn't reach home until an hour later. Cocktail party starts at 6:30 and dinner at 7:30pm and imagine a furious me yelling at hubs over the phone asking why is he not back home.

Never mind that we are late, we got lost on the way to the hotel. We just went round and round Putrajaya to search for the IOI Marriot when the fact is IOI Marriot is not even in Putrajaya. Dang!

It rained so heavily and make it all tougher for us to find the place. We got there only at 8:20, which was really embarrassing, but we sure weren't the last ones there. The bride looks so beautiful with her model-like makeup and gorgeous gold wedding gown. Just wondering which Beauty Schools did the artist graduated from. I would sure like to know.


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