November 22, 2008

FB- you know you love it

I'm starting to think that this facebook thing is getting a little scary here. I hesistated for so long before signing up as a member, and suddenly just because I wanted to view someone else's photo in there,I was in already. All in a matter of a split second. Didn't even think twice there. Well, my sister was really quite persuasive there. Anyway, before long, I suddenly get the urge to add as many friends as possible, every Tom Dick and Harry I ever know! Gosh, that's where it got so out of control.
Now comes the scary part, I realised that this world is all too small. Every one I know, acquintances or otherwise, suddenly all became my best friends. We view each other's photos, make comments (flat-out sweetest ones), and greet every one Happy Birthday. Boy, no more lonely birthdays for now. And how in the world my childhood friend know my circle of mommy blogger? Oops, the world just get smaller. In fact, I dig in a little further, just to make sure this friend of mine did not just add my other friend by mistake. True enough, they commented on each other's photo. They are friends, not through me but by other means. My world now has officially shrink! Thanks to facebook. So, is this a good thing or bad?


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