February 13, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog. I've been superbly busy back in January, with all the preparation for Chinese New Year and with mom here, we're out almost everyday, shopping, eating and such. How time flies, today is already the 10th day of Chinese New Year, once we're back home in KL, I hardly feel the new year atmosphere anymore. It's sure dull here in big city, people are busy with their own life, not caring about others. "for all I care, which actually really meant I really don't care!" what a sad thing eh.
The kids sure enjoyed themselves tremendously during the new year, with food, free flow of soft drinks and playing with the fireworks! Oh, my son even refused to come home to KL, and insisted that hubby and I let him come home with my sister who stayed an extra day there. Of course, getting red packets with money (angpow) wasn't the thing that they love, not at their age, where they do not get to keep the money and spend them yet. Every red packet the kids get, went straight to their mom. Automatically. So, it's clearly the fun of playing that the kids love most during the festive season. I wonder if we adults were to buy gold coins for them instead of giving them red packet, will they be all that excited at all? I guess, fireworks still win. What do you think?

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