January 8, 2011

Kid's freedom

Call me 'old-schooled' parent or whatever you like, whatever that suits you, whatever that makes you happy but I'm all out against kids playing games. To me, it distracts their mind. Once you let the game pollutes their mind, their concentration towards studying will decrease, as their mind will be filled with the games nonsense.

My 5 years old son might probably be hating me behind my back. He doesn't get all the privilege of having gadgets like PSP, Nintendo, laptop like his cousins. He thinks that I'm the bad mom, he thinks that he's the unlucky one, I know he secretly wishes that his mom is someone else and not me. He's always asking me, "why they can and he can't?"

To me, letting kids own these gadgets means giving them the freedom to play, even without parental supervision. I think it's very unhealthy once they are addicted to it. Honestly speaking, adults too can get addicted to games, what more about kids. Imagine a 5 years old addicted to playing age of war, or even boxhead 2, to a point their studies are neglected! I hate to see my son ended up like that. On the other hand, I will consider letting him to start blogging like I do. At least I get to read whatever that he blogs about, in the process he can learn more about the Internet, html coding, or even start blogging for money. As a blogger myself, I think getting paid to write review is easy and I can do it whenever I want.


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