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February 29, 2008

The love of my life

Ever heard of the phrase " God wants us to meet a few wrong people, so when we met the right one, we'll know what a gift is". But when you're in a relationship break up dilemma, this can sound very ridiculous. I've been through that, so I know. 3 break ups in 2 years, I was in and out from a relationship to next with no time.

In such a state of emotional turmoil, I didn't realised rebound relationship made me such a mess. I was a nice girl, I still am but those ex boyfriends were either a playboy or a big time liar. I had to move on, so I had to leave them, because they made a fool out of me. But that doesn't mean my heart wasn't broken.

After all these bad relationship, I think I can qualify as a relationship consultant. As the saying goes, at last" I met the right one", he's truly a blessing in my life. He has been through his share of ugly relationships, that makes the both of us appreciate each other more. The space we need to give each other, the things we need to talk over, all makes our love stronger. Though he's the type of man with the most romantic ideas on earth nor he will ever write me a romantic love letter. But still, it's such a comfort to know that he cares a lot for us, me and our baby and he'll never leave us alone. That's all that matters.

A photoshop novice

I love to play around in photoshop. I remember a few years back, I was so impressed with what my friend, a photographer could do to photoshop. I also remember I asked of him to teach me on how to touch-up a face, but he told me there's too much to learn and it's impossible for him to teach me everthing in a few hours.

From then on, I was so determine to learn what I can do with photoshop. Many photoshop tuorials and online tips later, I think I'm quite good now, though I'm no expert but I sure did improve a lot.

Watch out for my upcoming photoshop project.

French renaissance finest bed

We have been co-sleeping with our little baby since he was born so we ended up getting two super single beds put together. Man, our bed is huge.

But there's a huge flaw. You see, I'm the one who sleep in between my husband and my baby, and the gap in between the bed wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep, and i
often wake up to a very bad back ache.

Now that our baby is old enough to sleep on his own, we thought it's time to get us a real bed. I would love a huge bed so it must be a king size. I'm looking at a collection of French Beds as I love the luxurious and classic wood frame that spells elegance. Oh boy, time4sleep has such a huge collection not forgetting very reasonable price too. Every single piece is just as unique as the next one.

My eyes are all set on the French Gilt frame made from best solid wood ever and the perfect workmanship is unquestionable. For a bed this magnificent, paying 1179 pound for it is truly worth the money.
After a hard day's work, I want my husband to come home to rest and sleep comfortably.

As for our little boy, a single Fontainebleau bed carved with solid pine with cherry finish
worth 299 should make him very happy. It comes with a storage box for him to store his toys. I believe that given the right and proper care, good quality bed can last a lifetime and perhaps generations.


Today is a special day. Especially for those who were born on any year on this date. 29th of February, you only get to celebrate your birthday once every four year. I have a few friends from my primary school days who were born on this date, and I can still remember who they were, until now.

The good thing is, it's a special day and the bad thing though, celebration comes once in four years. I'd cry if i were born on this date because I'm the person who love celebration, moreover my own birthday. To my friend out there, Happy Birthday 29ers.

Wanting a credit card so badly

This world is as realistic as it can get. Rich people get credit card sent to their door step even without applying for it, but there are those who have to go through a series of approval from the financial institution to get rejected in the end because of some previous bad debt record.

If you are one such person, I have a good news for you. You can apply for a credit card - bad credit or not, you can make a comparison between a list of bad credit loan to find one that suits your need.

My Marc Jacobs, His toy

When i first saw it online, I knew this bag is a must have. So I got my friend to run to the Marc Jacobs store just for me. Then the bag flew back to me on an aeroplane, I was so excited I know I'll be seen carrying it shopping.

But when I finally got it, I was shocked. It didn't look as big on the online store. My little son could fit in there perfectly. He's treating it like a toy. Oh, my Marc Jacobs. How can I carry such a huge bag to go shopping?

It's now sitting on the top of my basket, unused.

Claim back what you deserve

In this country, human rights is not something we talked about over a cup of coffee because very often, legal issues like that can take up to years to solve, not to mention a big hole in the pocket. But as the nation progresses, we see a lot of people coming forward to voice up, be it for a better change or a better life.

It's a sad thing to read in the papers where a man who lost his hands while operating the machinery at work is now his everyday living suddenly becomes a struggle. He no longer has the capability to provide for his family financially. The company he worked for, compensate him a few thousand dollars and sent him home. How not fair is that? How is he ever going to survive a lifetime with a mere few thousand dollars?

So it is a great thing to know that there are legal advisers out there who are willing to fight for your personal injury compensation service, with zero upfront legal fee. Be it a personal accidents or injuries at work, you can be sure that you are getting the Accident Compensation you deserved. What's more, it's a No win no fee agreement, so you lose nothing.

February 28, 2008

a trip to Ikea

Today, we went to the Ikea sale. It was quite a dissappointing trip. Discounts weren't even that great. Thank God I didn't make the effort to get up at 7am in the morning and head right to the store, with my hair curler still attached to my head.

I only bought 2 white bins and 3 rugs for my sister. Good thing I didn't splash on things I don't need. See, I'm getting wiser now.

Park your Porsche here

Why is it that my husband finds it troublesome to drive his car back into the house compound every day he comes home from work? Is it the hassle of not having to drive and reverse the car in and out of the house or is it because both inside and outside the house provides no shades for his cars?

My father on the other hand, upon his visits to our home, will always comment on what a waste it is that we exposed our expensive cars under the hot sun, day and night. Here where we lives, the weather is scouring hot all year long, unless when it rains. So to speak, the hot and humid condition is really taking its toll on the wear and tear of the cars.

We would love to have our own car garage one day. My preferance being the windsor collection, the one with the terracota roof tiles so to match our existing house roof so that it will not make the garage looks isolated.

But when it comes to building Garages, I'm sure my husband will have something in mind. He would love to toy around with his cars, which means a car garage that works like a workshop too. Nevermind, I'll be more than happy to let him have whatever garage he wants. Afterall, a man's garage is like a woman's kitchen.

I'm no sleepy bug

It's getting late and I'm not a little sleepy at all. I really need to push myself to bed or risk having panda eyes. I don't know if it's just me or everyone in general, but i tend to get major black eye if I get lack of sleep. Now, i got to finish one last piece of work before i hit the sack. For those who can just doze off to lalaland at a snap of a finger, may you have a sweet dream.

What's pretty in a resume?

Any wise and successful man will tell you the real business world is nothing you can read out of a book. In fact, many successful mogul didn't even finish high school, they are those who started young, they learned from their real life experience and they succeeded.

Having said that, a degree or any qualification is only a stepping stone for you to get to the real world. It somehow prepares you with some basic knowledge, but let's get real here. No matter what you do, no one starts a job without going through some in-house training Sales Courses. Especially for those in working as a salesman, you need to 'umph' factor, the kind of selling skills where you can actually sell ice to the Eskimos. What about that.

Like it or not, this is the real world. To survive in it, you will need more than just a degree looking pretty in your resume.

They almost looked like chicken

Kids can be real imaginative sometimes. Take a look at this drawing on doodle pro by my 5 years old nephew. In the drawing, as per illustrated by him, is his mother on the far left, and him in the middle holding on to his one year old baby brother. They sure looks more like chicken with thick feathers but I'd say it's a piece of art.

He's good on doodle-pro. He makes really nice drawings on them, but sure they didn't last. Maybe should get him some art papers so we could frame his work next time.

February 27, 2008

That house with the huge lawn

Isn't it amazing to hear that someone you know lives in a huge mansion valued over 1 million or 2, but not you? Just like me, you must be wondering where these people earned their big bucks and why cash just keeping rolling into their bank account? Oh, what an envy.

Now that the current economic is a little crippled, we cannot help but noticed how property price drops and how banks are really digging hard to lower their loan interest rates to woo potential property buyers. So for those with cash at hand, now is the best time to invest in your dream property.

Despite all possibilities, one thing is for sure. You got to know how to take advantage of the bank, like people who knows how to wrap the bank over their pretty fingers. Find your way to get the best rates for Homeowner Loans, preferably with a repayment amount and period you're comfortable with because you need your extra cash to roll.

Now does it all make sense how more and more people can afford to buy the mansion or even their dream cars? Absolutely yes with magicloans.

Baby Oranges

Over the last few weeks, my little boy must have had over 100 mini tangerines which is only available during the Chinese New Year season. For a two year old boy, peeling a whole orange all by himself is actually quite an achievement.

He loves these 'baby orange' so much that he insist that I buy it every time we're at the supermarket or the night market.
Now that these oranges are off season, how hard is it that I have to deal with a whiny toddler asking for mommy to buy him 'baby oranges'.

Toner cartridges is making me broke

I've had enough of my almost new Inkjet photo printer. I bought this months ago after a salesman talked me into buying it. This was supposed to be the best available color printer in the market but yet it didn't live up to its name. I should have done my own printer research before buying this unit. How I wish I can trade it for another better one. Too late.

What's the use of getting a photo printer if it the printing quality is bad, not to mention the toner cartridge is almost impossible to find because the printer is too rare and also it is very expensive. I paid 200 dollars just for another set of ink. For your information, my printer only prints document and not photos. I cannot imagine how much ink I'll have to buy if I were to specialize the printer for photo printing.

Good news though, I found a place I can buy affordable and compatible alternatives printer cartridges and it does the job just as good.

February 24, 2008


Someone with lots of extra cash should really considered getting buy-to-let properties. This is a scenario where money generates money when you lease out your property. But as Alliance & Leicester Company has predicted, they expect more landlords to seek professional advice regarding the buy-to-let Mortgages.

With the property market price on the rise, putting a property out to let is more profitable than say putting your money in the share market where things can be so unpredictable. Year 2008 sees many property investors making return on investment, and great profit on their lease.

A gift that last forever

My eldest sister got a gold bracelet for the chinese Valentines day a few days back. That's what I call a great gift. No flowers, no chocolate and no artificial roses. Nothing beats a gold bracelet one can keep for life.

Ask any girl, chances are she might want a precious stone more than a whole lot of flowers you can find at the wholesale flowers market. I mean, what's the point of getting something that is sure going to last a few days? Afterall, a love gift should last forever not a week. And if I might add, diamonds are forever and so is gold. So this is a big lesson guys can learn. I bet your lover or girlfriend or even wife will thank me for saying this out loud.


This is a very lovely song sung by Michael Buble. The movie video is so touching too. I've added the lyrics if you want to sing along. Enjoy.

I can't believe it's over
I watched the whole thing fall
And I never saw the writing that was on the wall
If I'd only knew
The days were slipping past
That the good things never last
That you were crying

Summer turned to winter
And the snow it turned to rain
And the rain turned into tears upon your face
I hardly recognized the girl you are today
And god I hope it's not too late
It's not too late
'Cause you are not alone
I'm always there with you
And we'll get lost together
Till the light comes pouring through
'Cause when you feel like you're done
And the darkness has won
Babe, you're not lost
When your worlds crashing down
And you can't bear the thought
I said, babe, you're not lost

Life can show no mercy
It can tear your soul apart
It can make you feel like you've gone crazy
But you're not
Things have seem to changed
There's one thing that's still the same
In my heart you have remained
And we can fly fly fly away

'Cause you are not alone
And I am there with you
And we'll get lost together
Till the light comes pouring through
'Cause when you feel like you're done
And the darkness has won
Babe, you're not lost
When the worlds crashing down
And you can not bear the cross
I said, baby, you're not lost
I said, baby, you're not lost
I said, baby, you're not lost
I said, baby, you're not lost

Tun LLS CNY open house

This must be the biggest serving of yee sang I've seen or eaten. It was at least one metre and a half long and wide. The occasion was at the Tun LLS Chinese New Year open house. Our entire family went there, the kids get red packet and we adults just eat and eat.

It was a very enjoyable family gathering and everything was free.
What cheapskate? It's open house!

A talent i don't have

When it comes to make up, the only thing I'm good at is putting on pink blusher on my cheeks and applying mascara to my eyelashes. I envied those who can make themselves look so pretty and yet so natural. These are the gifted ones, with such amazing talent for make up. Especially for those who attended beauty schools to learn the art of putting on the perfect make up.

Sad to say, some people are just born with bad pale skin with acnes and they need a lot of concealer and compact powder to cover up the flaw but some are just bad at doing the job. It makes them looks horrible, like those woman from the chinese opera. Oh, scary.

My aunt gave me a tub of cle de peau, a very expensive foundation make up but up to now, it still sit untouched on my dressing table, because I don't dare to use it. The one thing I didn't want to do is to scare my kiddo away, with a horrible face.

The red ice-kacang maker

You would never have guessed it right. My uncle bought this a couple of years back from the junk yard. Someone disposed it there, and my uncle found it. He paid a very cheap price for it. It was all rusty and unusable.

He brought it home, washed it, painted it and there we have it, our very own red ice-kacang maker we use every chinese new year.

Night night, sis

A moment ago, my twin sister left me chatting to myself on msn. She went to bed already. Before she left, she asked me why am I still up so late? It's going to be 2 am in the morning.

I've got things to do, moreover I'm not even sleepy yet. I might as well finish what I got to do so that I could sleep in late tomorrow. Night for now, sister. Sweet dreams. I miss you!

Plastic cards for kids

Would you ever consider getting your school going children a credit card? There's now Credit Cards For Students, specially catered for students that comes with very good terms and condition. In fact, there are many to consider from, very much depending on your need.

It might be a good idea to get one for our kids, just in case of rainy days. Of course, we shouldn't let kids spent money unnecessarily, but in times of emergency, a credit card can be magical. I'm sure you'll agree with me on this. Even we adults can sometimes be strapped cashless, and credit card came in just handy.

As for getting a credit card for our children, i think we should warn them before hand that it has to be put to good use, no unneccesary spending will be tolerate else it shall be deducted from their pocket money.

Two years ago on chinese new year

I was browsing through some old photos and came across this one. This was taken 2 years back, on Chinese New Year. A bunch of cousins enjoy drawing each other's face in a game. It was so funny. They sure had fun. I wasn't in the photo because I got a newborn to attend to, that's Shern.

Here's the boys with their silly pose. cute huh?

February 23, 2008

Am i invited?

Mom just called to inform that she'll be coming over on 1st February. Apparently, a distant relative will be getting married and I am invited too. I was so surprised, I told mom i have no idea that I'm invited. Maybe she just assume that herself.

Anyway, I never heard a word about any wedding bells or Wedding Planning, how is it possible? I guess we'll have to wait for the invitation to arrive in the mailbox. I know how tedious a wedding planning can be, though my wedding was on a very very small scale, it was so time-consuming and tedious. I'm just hoping the couple will be happy together, regardless of whether I'll be invited to their wedding.


Saturdays are supposed to be amazing. Its THE weekend where you wake up early in the morning and everyone get dressed and you head straight right to the shopping mall. That's what I used to do, every Saturday and Sunday.

But I just lose interest in shopping, and I don't know why! Suddenly it bored me to death to see the same thing on the display rack every Saturday. Something so enjoyable became not so appealing anymore. Why is it so? Oh shit! Maybe i'm getting old.

Not so cool fat mommas

This is interesting and very tempting too. Make yourself Amazing (MYA) Breast Enlargement UK revealed that cosmetic for new mothers are on the rise. Procedures like tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift top the list. I know what it is like after mother gave birth to their babies. Sagging tummy, stretch marks and extra pile of excess bulging no amount of sit ups can help to get rid of it.

For some people who has superb skin elasticity where they tummy turn back to size 0 within the minute they gave birth, they must be thinking we fat mothers are too lazy to run on the threadmill. But that is not true, some flabby tummy are just like a dead layer of skin, there's no way these loose skin and turn into muscle. It is already frustrating to deal with a buldging tummy, we appreciate no nasty comments.

Cosmetic surgery is such a norm nowadays, as long as it makes us mothers feel good, i really couldn't care less of what others has to say.

February 21, 2008

A great hide away

In times when my husband makes me want to yell at him, I somehow learned the need to walk away, take a deep breath to cool the fire inside me. It was hard at first, not to start a fight but after a while, I realised I have a great amount of patience ever since I became a mother.

Well, you cannot burst out or yell at your child every minute he spilled his milk, or every time he wet the bed, can you? Before I was married, I listen to no one. I was a stubborn freak, with a very short temper, the kind of girl who would jet away to a hideaway in one Las Vegas Hotels after a bad break ups. Yes, no other place is better than Las Vegas to heal a broken heart. Post breakup, a Las Vegas night clubs, trips to the casino and a cheap bed is all you need to get you back on track. Forget the White Chapel. Nah.

Now that I'm a mother and a wife, I cannot just throw away all my responsibilities and go hide somewhere when things went bad. We face it, learn it and live on.

Fabulous doughnuts here

In this photo, you're suppose to see one glacier, two Almond flakes and two Oreos doughnuts. No, you can't see it right. My little monster thought he's so clever he decided to 'help' mommy to cut the doughtnuts for sharing. I left him at the table to attend to the newspaper guy and two minutes later, a box of yucky doughnuts came to greet me.

He was so happy he said, " mommy, see i so clever. i help mommy cut cut the doughnuts". Thank you darling but next time alright.

Suburbs, not just for desperate housewives

This is not a desperate housewife scenario. Big beautiful houses with a beautiful front yard maintained by the most handsome teenage boy in the neighbourhood. Everyone drives a posh car, miles and miles away from the bustling city. People sitting in front of their porch sipping english tea in the evening and kids car pool to school. Who wouldn't love that life?

In reality, more and more people are moving out of the city to the suburbs for a better improve quality of life, seeing that houses in the city are too expensive. People would rather trade a long commuter ride to work every single day in exchange for a bigger but cheaper mansion. Honestly, as for me, I won't even give a thought about moving into the suburbs where the air is cleaner. It will be a better place to live, especially for those family with kids.

Like it or not, based on a statistic given, every minute you travel away from the city, your house price is 1,000 dollar. The further you are away from the city, the cheaper your house is likely to be and not forgetting cheaper Mortgages. Love this idea of moving to the suburbs and be one of my neighbour at Wisteria lane?

My Estima!

My hubs got to get to work early today. So when our little boy asked if he could tag along with daddy for a morning tea session, daddy explained that he has to leave early and that he has no time for breakfast.
Upon seeing daddy walk out the door, little boy shouted, "daddy what car you driving?". Daddy was already outside the house compound, he couldn't hear.
With the saddest look on his face, little boy said "daddy drive my Estima, never say bye bye to me." I went, "wow, your Estima?" Yes, my Estima not daddy's Estima."

Xpander’s Nimbus VoIP Call Center Edition

Many many years back, I had the chance to explore a part of India called Pune. The moment I landed at the Mumbai Airport, everything never fails to gave me a shock. Imagine homeless mother of three plus a newborn sleeping right there in front of the airport. The mother fell asleep breastfeeding while her 9 year old boy was begging for money and her 5 year old daugther rummaged through a bin for a leftover coke. Ew.

Another thing I noticed is that India has so so many STD/IDD Call Center VoIP Phone Systems everywhere. For a country as poor as India, how can its people afford the luxury to own a mobile phone each. So to my humble opinion, owning a VoIP call centre in India is a good way to make money, especially now that setting up a Xpander’s Nimbus VoIP Call Center Edition requires a very low upfront cost. Anyone interested?

iphone ringtone, please

Does anyone know how I can have a song as a ringtone for my iphone? I know it'll cost 99 cents to download a ringtone from itunes but I'm not a big fan of 'paying' for a ringtone. Anyone, please share your tips or tricks in which I can get a song to play as my ringtone.

Please? pretty please.

United 81

Isn't this cute? My little boy has a real car sew to his Chinese New Year Club81 jersey like tee. At the back of the t-shirt, it reads UNITED 81. Why the number 81? Because that's granny's house number and the place we gather every year for reunion.

My little one wasn't so keen when he spotted a car on the back of his tee, he insisted that I take it down for him to play. After all that hardwork burning the mid night oil just to sew on that car, I'm not taking it down before parading it first.

One day later, mommy took it down. At least now I have a photo of it to take us down the memory lane.

February 20, 2008

Grab only the best deals

What's the greatest boom you've witness over the years? I cannot be wrong at this one. It must be the booming of the real estate market. Where ever you are, chances are high that the property market has doubled over the last couple of years.

It is just a natural step for people to be considering getting a house mortgages right now instead of just renting a unit. Being a first time buyer property buyer, I wish to get all the current mortgage quote available in the market, so as to get the best deal and advice before I invest my life-time saving into paying for the down payment buying a house. Normally, lenders offer preferential mortgage rates first time buyer so it is wise to make comparison amongst the mortgage deals available in the market as which offers the lowest arrangement fees, initial rates and subsequent rates.

If hubs get rich one day, we'll sure look into getting our own house there in UK since we have plans for our little boy to further his studies there in the UK. We could get a UK mortgage which is flexible for foreigners, one that offers the best mortgage to suit our needs.

February 19, 2008

Those days

There are times when I cannot help thinking how different my life would be if I choose another path of my life. What if I majored in interior designing, would I be a successful career woman by now? Or what if I married someone else?

Well, it's just a thought. No matter how comfortable one person if, there will always be a 'what if'. I didn't grow up in with silver spoon in my mouth and silver bars stacked in the safe box where i can splash on whatever I want, buy things I don't need, and waste things I could save on.

In those olden days, there is such a high demand for silver, it fetched good value next to gold, and instead of keeping stacks of cash, people prefer to keep silver bars because the value can only appreciate over time. is such a To be honest, my grandparents were wealthy people, but we were taught to be thrifty and a little stingy. Perhaps that's how they became wealthy.

Bugger off, beg bugs

I have had enough. I've been co-sleeping with bed bugs and red ants, and no matter how often I change my bedsheets, I still get little red itchy bites from these unseen creature. I hate it, and you know why. I can't see it, but i know they're there.

My so ever hardworking maid change my bedsheets every week, flipped the entire bed just to clean it to the max, the duvet goes under the hot sun until it crisped, but oh, that is still not enough.

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