February 21, 2008

Xpander’s Nimbus VoIP Call Center Edition

Many many years back, I had the chance to explore a part of India called Pune. The moment I landed at the Mumbai Airport, everything never fails to gave me a shock. Imagine homeless mother of three plus a newborn sleeping right there in front of the airport. The mother fell asleep breastfeeding while her 9 year old boy was begging for money and her 5 year old daugther rummaged through a bin for a leftover coke. Ew.

Another thing I noticed is that India has so so many STD/IDD Call Center VoIP Phone Systems everywhere. For a country as poor as India, how can its people afford the luxury to own a mobile phone each. So to my humble opinion, owning a VoIP call centre in India is a good way to make money, especially now that setting up a Xpander’s Nimbus VoIP Call Center Edition requires a very low upfront cost. Anyone interested?


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