February 28, 2008

Park your Porsche here

Why is it that my husband finds it troublesome to drive his car back into the house compound every day he comes home from work? Is it the hassle of not having to drive and reverse the car in and out of the house or is it because both inside and outside the house provides no shades for his cars?

My father on the other hand, upon his visits to our home, will always comment on what a waste it is that we exposed our expensive cars under the hot sun, day and night. Here where we lives, the weather is scouring hot all year long, unless when it rains. So to speak, the hot and humid condition is really taking its toll on the wear and tear of the cars.

We would love to have our own car garage one day. My preferance being the windsor collection, the one with the terracota roof tiles so to match our existing house roof so that it will not make the garage looks isolated.

But when it comes to building Garages, I'm sure my husband will have something in mind. He would love to toy around with his cars, which means a car garage that works like a workshop too. Nevermind, I'll be more than happy to let him have whatever garage he wants. Afterall, a man's garage is like a woman's kitchen.


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