February 21, 2008

A great hide away

In times when my husband makes me want to yell at him, I somehow learned the need to walk away, take a deep breath to cool the fire inside me. It was hard at first, not to start a fight but after a while, I realised I have a great amount of patience ever since I became a mother.

Well, you cannot burst out or yell at your child every minute he spilled his milk, or every time he wet the bed, can you? Before I was married, I listen to no one. I was a stubborn freak, with a very short temper, the kind of girl who would jet away to a hideaway in one Las Vegas Hotels after a bad break ups. Yes, no other place is better than Las Vegas to heal a broken heart. Post breakup, a Las Vegas night clubs, trips to the casino and a cheap bed is all you need to get you back on track. Forget the White Chapel. Nah.

Now that I'm a mother and a wife, I cannot just throw away all my responsibilities and go hide somewhere when things went bad. We face it, learn it and live on.


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