February 19, 2008

Those days

There are times when I cannot help thinking how different my life would be if I choose another path of my life. What if I majored in interior designing, would I be a successful career woman by now? Or what if I married someone else?

Well, it's just a thought. No matter how comfortable one person if, there will always be a 'what if'. I didn't grow up in with silver spoon in my mouth and silver bars stacked in the safe box where i can splash on whatever I want, buy things I don't need, and waste things I could save on.

In those olden days, there is such a high demand for silver, it fetched good value next to gold, and instead of keeping stacks of cash, people prefer to keep silver bars because the value can only appreciate over time. is such a To be honest, my grandparents were wealthy people, but we were taught to be thrifty and a little stingy. Perhaps that's how they became wealthy.


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