February 28, 2008

What's pretty in a resume?

Any wise and successful man will tell you the real business world is nothing you can read out of a book. In fact, many successful mogul didn't even finish high school, they are those who started young, they learned from their real life experience and they succeeded.

Having said that, a degree or any qualification is only a stepping stone for you to get to the real world. It somehow prepares you with some basic knowledge, but let's get real here. No matter what you do, no one starts a job without going through some in-house training Sales Courses. Especially for those in working as a salesman, you need to 'umph' factor, the kind of selling skills where you can actually sell ice to the Eskimos. What about that.

Like it or not, this is the real world. To survive in it, you will need more than just a degree looking pretty in your resume.


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