February 20, 2008

Grab only the best deals

What's the greatest boom you've witness over the years? I cannot be wrong at this one. It must be the booming of the real estate market. Where ever you are, chances are high that the property market has doubled over the last couple of years.

It is just a natural step for people to be considering getting a house mortgages right now instead of just renting a unit. Being a first time buyer property buyer, I wish to get all the current mortgage quote available in the market, so as to get the best deal and advice before I invest my life-time saving into paying for the down payment buying a house. Normally, lenders offer preferential mortgage rates first time buyer so it is wise to make comparison amongst the mortgage deals available in the market as which offers the lowest arrangement fees, initial rates and subsequent rates.

If hubs get rich one day, we'll sure look into getting our own house there in UK since we have plans for our little boy to further his studies there in the UK. We could get a UK mortgage which is flexible for foreigners, one that offers the best mortgage to suit our needs.


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