February 29, 2008

Claim back what you deserve

In this country, human rights is not something we talked about over a cup of coffee because very often, legal issues like that can take up to years to solve, not to mention a big hole in the pocket. But as the nation progresses, we see a lot of people coming forward to voice up, be it for a better change or a better life.

It's a sad thing to read in the papers where a man who lost his hands while operating the machinery at work is now his everyday living suddenly becomes a struggle. He no longer has the capability to provide for his family financially. The company he worked for, compensate him a few thousand dollars and sent him home. How not fair is that? How is he ever going to survive a lifetime with a mere few thousand dollars?

So it is a great thing to know that there are legal advisers out there who are willing to fight for your personal injury compensation service, with zero upfront legal fee. Be it a personal accidents or injuries at work, you can be sure that you are getting the Accident Compensation you deserved. What's more, it's a No win no fee agreement, so you lose nothing.


when I was on holiday I suffered an accident and was trying to find out if I can claim for injury compensation. My problem is that the injury happened when I was on a quad bike safari. I didn't mention this when I applied for my travel claims insurance. I didn't actually know at the time that we would be doing that kind of activity. Does it affect whether or not I can claim?

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