February 24, 2008

A talent i don't have

When it comes to make up, the only thing I'm good at is putting on pink blusher on my cheeks and applying mascara to my eyelashes. I envied those who can make themselves look so pretty and yet so natural. These are the gifted ones, with such amazing talent for make up. Especially for those who attended beauty schools to learn the art of putting on the perfect make up.

Sad to say, some people are just born with bad pale skin with acnes and they need a lot of concealer and compact powder to cover up the flaw but some are just bad at doing the job. It makes them looks horrible, like those woman from the chinese opera. Oh, scary.

My aunt gave me a tub of cle de peau, a very expensive foundation make up but up to now, it still sit untouched on my dressing table, because I don't dare to use it. The one thing I didn't want to do is to scare my kiddo away, with a horrible face.


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