February 23, 2008

Not so cool fat mommas

This is interesting and very tempting too. Make yourself Amazing (MYA) Breast Enlargement UK revealed that cosmetic for new mothers are on the rise. Procedures like tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift top the list. I know what it is like after mother gave birth to their babies. Sagging tummy, stretch marks and extra pile of excess bulging no amount of sit ups can help to get rid of it.

For some people who has superb skin elasticity where they tummy turn back to size 0 within the minute they gave birth, they must be thinking we fat mothers are too lazy to run on the threadmill. But that is not true, some flabby tummy are just like a dead layer of skin, there's no way these loose skin and turn into muscle. It is already frustrating to deal with a buldging tummy, we appreciate no nasty comments.

Cosmetic surgery is such a norm nowadays, as long as it makes us mothers feel good, i really couldn't care less of what others has to say.


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