May 14, 2008

All mommies having issues with daddies

I've been blog hopping a lot today, that's because I'm quite free today. Common topics I see are all Mother's Day related. Some mommies, like me, expected our husband to bring us to nice expensive dinner or buy us expensive pressie, I mean really expensive type like piaget watches. No doubt, everyone ended up in disappointment when our husband did nothing to cheer us up on Mother's Day. My husband is honest enough to tell me that if I'm ever expecting any present, then I got to wait till our son is old enough to buy me one. I think he meant that our son has to be old enough to appreciate me as his mother! Well well, I get that. What can I expect from a two years old little boy now. But still, I'm the happiest mom on Mother's Day because my son wished me Happy Mother's Day, he even throw in a great big hug and a kiss on the lips for mommy dearest. I love you, darling!


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