May 21, 2008

Why am I the only one getting diarrhea?

My day didn't went as well as expected. I had a very bad episode of diarrhea. Yes, very bad. Do I need to elaborate more? I don't think so. We had plans to go have tea, eat roti canai, but I was so sleepy, I wanted to take a five minutes super nap but it turned out for a decent 1 hour. And when I got up of bed, the sky was dark. No, I didn't take such a long nap I thought. Oh ya, the sky turned dark, and it began to pour. I rushed to the toilet and there I stayed for a good 30 minutes. In my head, I kept thinking, what did I had just now that upset my tummy so badly?" I just don't know, because everything I had for lunch, the entire house had it, so why just me getting diarrhea. Whatever. We'll just have to keep our plans for another day.


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