May 15, 2008

Free flights everyone!

So what if Air Asia advertise FREE FLIGHTS TO ALL INTERNATIONAL ROUTES, the thing is flight ticket might be cheap, but you know the real cost of traveling is paying for the hotels? Say, you pay for a 300 dollars flight ticket to Rome, but you have any idea how much a night stay in Rome Hotels cost? You know you won't travel half way around the globe just to be in Europe for a day. So throw in the cost of having to stay in Dublin Hotels and London Hotels, that getaway sure going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Just a little advise from me, advance hotel booking saves you a lot of money and it's much cheaper than those walk-in customers rate. And especially in popular tourist spots like Paris where Hotels Paris are always fully-booked, you must always plan your trip, there's totally no point of traveling when you can get cheap flight tickets but ended up with no place to stay.


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