May 31, 2008

Come Join Dockers Contest


Growing up, I didn't get the chance to buy nice decent clothings, I always get hands-me-down from both my elder sister. So you can imagine how much I envied my friend's
Dockers pant. They looked just perfect on my friends, and I thought I must get a pair one day. I did but just one pair. How nice would it be if I get a chance to win lots and lots of Dockers so I can put on a different pair everyday. ::wishful thinking::

Now everyone can stand a chance to win a Dockers contest by submitting your own style of Dockers TV Commercial, you never know what they are looking for. I love the Dress Up commercial by Bwslocombe where the wife cannot resist her husband's pair of Dockers nevermind that it's a male pants. In the end, the husband ended up in his wife's dress. LOL. Too ute. Go see it for yourself at, there's dozens more to see. So, if you think you have a talent in shooting your own video, then give Dockers contest a try. I'd love to see you win. Oh, did I mentioned that if you won, you stand a chance to appear in NBC and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno". How cool would that be? It might even kick start your talent as a movie producer.
Sponsored by Dockers


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