May 20, 2008

I refund Meiji Pucca

Meiji Pucca Choc Pretzel

No joke. We went shopping for groceries today. My little boy did a little shopping for himself, he took yakults, 6 cups of yogurts, 2 trays of tou foo ( one of his favourite food), 2 boxes of Nestle Mat Kool Icy Grape and Superblaster, and also a packet of Meiji Pucca Chocolate. I didn't bother to look through what he chucked in the shopping trolley until much later at the checkout. For crying out loud, this Meiji Pucca is 5 ringgit! Not that I cannot afford buying it, I think it's a rip off, given that Meiji Hello Panda which is equally nice is only selling about 2.20-2.90 ringgit max.

Meiji Hello Panda (vanilla flavour being my favourite)

I refund it. Who cares, it's my consumer's rights. I like I buy, if I'm not happy with my purchase, I refund no matter what the amount.


hi Leena, howdy? professional looking theme u got now.

btw, tagged u with frends around the world. come join us here:

how is shern?

Hi Sunshine,
We're all good. Thanks for thinking of us. I'll pick up the tag soon. Thanks a lot.

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