May 26, 2008

Not my favourite day of the week

Life on a Monday is usually the same for me. ::yawn:: I'm sure most if not all people feel the same way. I must say that though I'm not a working mother, I hate Monday just as other people on earth. It's like you play a video of yourself for 7 days in a week, and come every Monday, you repeat it. ::yawn again::

At least my Monday wasn't that bored, I went shopping. Bought myself a pair of black heels at 50% discount, Eubos Body Shampoo for Shern which is oh so expensive, but he has been using it since he was a newborn, so just stick to it for now. Oh, I reformat my iphone too, after I noticed that it hangs so very often, and thanks to Steve, he installed lots of new applications for me. And he even taught me how to activate my EDGE which I never knew how. Oh no, just as I finished typing that sentence above, my iphone hangs again. Bugger. I'm getting sleepy, I'll just leave everything else for tomorrow for now. ::yawn::


Most Mondays are blah, but we had a good Monday, being Memorial Day. Had some good steak, thought of our troops who I doubt were eating steak, and watched some good shows on TV. Also later our Basset gave birth to 10. Thanks for P on Spark

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