May 13, 2008

Malaysia Ex PM now a blogger

No one is too old to blog. Ahem, like our all time favourite ex Prime Minister who now has take up blogging, I totally understand his wise decision. Nowadays, the Internet plays a very big role in influencing people's mind, because everyone is free to speak up. But of course, bloggers must be wise to tackle their topics unless they don't really mind ended up behind bars. Totally serious! Unlike in the press, where even daily news must go through certain level of scrutineering before it ended up in the printing line. Most of the things we read in the papers are only a little icing on a big slice of a cake. Having said that, we citizens really have no idea what's baking in the big oven up there. No one gets to see it, let alone share a tiny chunk of the cake. Well well, who I am to complain, really??


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