May 31, 2008

Ever seen a sour grape bride?

What a night. Hubs and I just got back home from a friend's wedding dinner. The bride is oh, such a sour grape. I hardly see her smile, let alone go around talking to guests at her own wedding. She just sat there all night long, and didn't even move an inch when the groom came over our table to greet us. So not friendly. Anyway, it's been a wonderful night catching up with all of hub's rally buddies. Amelia, a friend's daughter, brought along her Nintendo game boy, her portable DVD player with lots of DVD games. At only 9 years old, she's such a gadget girl. She even mentioned to me that she's a programmer! Oh yes, in her exact word "PROGRAMMER!" She's a robot programmer, her daddy confirmed it. I have no idea what she was talking about, it all sounds too complicated for me, too much for me to absorb in one night. She told me that she's one of the robotic programmer, you know how she makes the robot go when she program GO and how instruct the robot to twist/turn/flip or whatnot. Little genius even represents her school to compete with other programmers. I'm impressed!
I entertained her while her daddy had a good time drinking with all his buddies. And oh, by the end of the night, the groom is so drunk, the bride looked even more pissed. LOL. Who cares right.


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