May 1, 2008

A much needed break

1st May: Labour's Day where all labourers get a break!

Yahoooo... it's a holiday. Marcus and Shern woke up early just like every other schooling days, expect that today is not a schooling day. They gathered all their toys and emptied the entire bin in the centre of the living room, and create a havoc as usual. Boys, didn't I say I want to sleep in? As I'm typing this, dearest hubby is still curled up in bed catching up with his lack of sleep. Let him.

And my sister came in time for lunch to bring the kids to McD. All of them, Shern Marcus Sean Ian Zach Ryan but not Dylan. Dylan stayed back and we babysit him at home. We'll see what we can do later in the afternoon, my eldest sis has plans to bring the boys to see the monkey, again. But I'm not a monkey fan, I'll pass. Shopping sounds good for me.
You have a wonderful day too.


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