May 12, 2008

To Paris I want to go

We've been talking about going on a Paris trip since we first started dating, Now, 7 years later, we still haven't been there together. Hubby used to travel a lot to Europe for his business trip alone, he always chose to hire a car so that he can drive around France, given that it is easy to drive around because they have one of the world's most systematic driving system, and highways that takes you anywhere you want to go. Oh remember, France drives on the right side of the road.

On most trips, hubby never booked his hotel rooms in advance because like he said, Paris Hôtels are aplenty, and furthermore, it is more convenient to stay in hotels that catered to road travellers like him. Besides that, you'll be surpised that such hotels like Toulouse Hôtels and Marseilles Hôtels offers very affordable rates. I've been there once, and given that that was the first time we were in France, we did advanced booking on our Bordeaux Hôtels, because none of us dare to risk sleeping on the streets. If only I knew hubby back then. Nevermind. We'll go there again sometimes.


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