May 31, 2008

Shape your future with myUsearch

If I ever get the chance to make my own decision, without the influence of what others has to say, I'm very sure I won't ever choose to study Business and Information Technology ever again. Though it somehow makes it easier for me to handle some easy peasy html code in my blog, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else IT related.

How I wished there was myUsearch back then. You know how students from out from high school normally have no idea what they want to be, let alone what subject to pick or which University to go. Wouldn't it be so much easier if everyone gets to pen down their thoughts and answer a questionairre to give them a clear idea of what their field of interest is. And the good thing is, it is totally free. All you prospective college student, give it a try. Let this shape your future the way you always wanted it to be. So back to where I left, I wish I can be a professional interior designer/ profesional photographer. Well, at least now I'm quite a professional in blogging. Not too bad.
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