May 20, 2008

It's been a great day for us here

I spent so many hours in bed today I almost neglected my son. Poor boy. I was just so sleepy, even after so many hours of sleep, so when hubs was taking a nap, I jumped into bed with him too. How nice is it to curl up in bed with your dearest husband? Very nice! :) But I consider today a great day, cos we brought the kids for gelato ice-cream at one of the bakery in the neighbourhood, I must say it tastes damn good and dirt cheap too. What about 5.90 for 2 scoops? Good deal eh. You know you have to pay 10.90 for 2 scoops at the shopping mall. Altogether we had 6 scoops, between the 5 of us, plus many slices of cakes and buns too. Burp! And for dinner, hubs brought us for a very hearty meal. Burp again. Hope your day was a good one too. I love public holiday!


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