May 20, 2008

Every little girl's dream

It is every girls dream to grow up to be a princess, with the diamond tiaras, jewelery, nice puffy dresses and all. But that dream hardly comes true. In real life, a princess life is not so magical after all. They are subject to constant scruteneering by the public eye, and has certain standards and obligations that they must adhere too, they might not be able to go shopping like us, without their bodyguards tagging along 3 feet behind them. So consider yourself blessed if you're just a normal citizen like me, we might not have as many pearl necklaces, but otherwise, we're perfectly happy, aren't we?

It is understable to hear a 5 year old little girl address herself as a princess, even my 3 year old cousin thinks that she's Cinderella, everything she owns has a picture of Cinderella or Snow White on it, be it a pencil case, her school bag, her dresses, even her pyjamas. And worse, she insists that her mother buys her a fake Chocolate Diamonds tiara and a magic wand. My oh my! Kids like that sure got too much influence by watching cartoon. Nevermind about that, they are just kids right. But what I don't get is, why some parents did the extreme by naming their baby girl 'princess'. Come on, think about it for a minute, when she's one or three, if might look totally cute to be called a princess, what about when she's in her thirties or forties, calling someone a princess will just sound so silly, like hey "Princess Tan". Big Eww. I will never ever name my daughter 'Princess'. That is just so lame! Enough said for now, I'm still hoping that one day, I'll have my own daughters,


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