May 31, 2008

My big fat family

Everyone who knows my family well will know that my family members are all NOT skinny. We're either huge/flabby/voluptous/bulky/fat/ or out of shape. I reckon I fall in the 'flabby and out of shape'. Elder sis loves to blame her 'bigger frame' on our long-gone grandpa. She always must emphasis that she has got grandpa's body when someone were to comment on her big frame. I don't know who else to blame, because right after I gave birth to my baby boy to this moment I'm typing this, there's no one second that I'm any skinnier than my twin sister or even my mother. Blame it on the pregnancy sometimes works.
But the way I see it, I have a family who loves food more than loving a nice curvy body shape. Oh yes, we love to be skinny, but everytime we smell something good, or when we have cravings (which we ALWAYS HAVE) we forget all about wanting a nice skinny body. No wonder we're all huge, and getting fatter everyday. SIGH!


Huge/bulky/fat or out of shape is ok as long you are healthy. YOu can eat everything what you like, but don't forget to do some exercise too.
Btw, i got here after you visited my blog. I love to read your blog.

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