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July 31, 2009

Never too old to learn

Without a computer, you're basically nowhere. And worse still, without Internet connection, you're just like a man stuck on an island, alone and miserable. I cannot imagine how my life will be without Internet. I'm online most of the time, blogging or just surfing the web for all kinds of reasons.

My mom, after seeing that we, her children are all so computer literate, she is now so tempted to get her hands on a laptop and she is very eager to learn how to use the computer so that she can go online too. Really, teaching her about computer will take a very long time as she's computer illiterate. But I'm sure with her determination, she will be an expert in no time. Maybe when she learnt how to use a computer, she might even want to get an online degree from Capella University.

Her interest has always been in the field of culinary. I'm sure Capella University will have a suitable graduate degree program for her since Capella is specially catered to providing online graduate school for working adults. Who know, my mom might one day be the world famous chef. Don't be surprise then.

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Kids are supposed to sleep early, aren't they?

Tonight, I had some trouble putting Shern to bed. That's always the case if he took a very long nap in the afternoon till late evening. By the time he really dozed off, it's almost midnight already. In cases like that, I'll have trouble waking him up for school tomorrow. He'll whine and whine when it's time to get up, and very often I got to ask the maid to pull him straight out of bed into the toilet to brush his teeth and wash his face. At 33 weeks pregnant, I am not in a good shape to even carry him anymore.

Just hope that since tomorrow is a Friday, he'll at least be a little cheerful when I wake him up for school tomorrow. Let's see how it goes.

Things has been slow

Since the launch of my blogshop, response has been slow, reason being there's not enough publicity on my blogshop. Well, I think I didn't work hard enough to promote my blogshop. The one thing I learned along the way is, to generate traffic to your blog, you need to frequent other people's blog, leave comment or leave them a message in their shoutout box, only then traffic will be redirected to your blog when visitors click on your link. Sounds easy peasy but it requires loads of work.

Nevertheless, this is only the start, I'm confident that my blogshop will soon be getting more traffic. I still have a few items I need to post up for sale. But I need to do some editing to the photos beforehand. I love a clean cut photos on the things I sell. Makes it all look more professional isn't it?

Time to trade stock option maybe

It's been two days since I launched Bucketload, and I got a few enquiries on some of the items especially on the kid's sleepwear but up to date, there's no confirmation on orders. That's a little dissappointing. But nevermind, it's only been what 48 hours since opening, and there's still plenty of time for the blogshop to gain exposure from the online market.

But waiting for orders to come in is not so fun. Meanwhile, maybe I should get my hands on the stock options trading, make some money trading stock, so that I will earn more money to stock up more merchandise for my blogshop. What do you say? Hubby is really tempted to trade stock too, as a few of his friends are doing so well and earning big bucks by just clicking on the Internet from the comfort of their home. Maybe it's time we do the same.I'm sure that with PowerOptions®, we will only gain and not lose money. It's the only internet-based data provider that gives investors SmartSearchXL®, a patented decision support technology that identifies the highest return option trades, so it cannot be wrong!

July 30, 2009

Sourcing merchandise for Bucketload

I've been busy trying to source more merchandise for my online shop. And I must say I'm quite excited I found a few wholesale that offers very nice and affordable products. Given that my blogshop is so new, I'm only thinking of selling babies and kids wear for the time being. Product brand that I'm interested in is BabyGap, Gap Kids, Guess, Carters, Mothercare and you know all other good quality brands.

Do you happen to know any supplier of such kids clothings? If you do, please drop me an email. May I thank you in advance.

Very cute Gap Sleepwear for sale at Bucketload

Here are some of the pajamas I have on Bucketload. Aren't they simply cute? Looks even cuter when you put them on your little ones. I personally love to see my son wear these body hugging pajamas, because no matter how he rolls and turns around in his sleep, his pajamas stays in place, so no worries of him not putting on blanky or catch a cold.

Come check it out on my blogshop. Sizes and quantity are limited, so grab them before they're gone because when they're gone, they're gone! For good.

July 29, 2009

A much needed getaway..

Phew! I'm glad that I'm now in the last trimester of this pregnancy. If you have been following my blog, then you should know that I have some issues with my back and my butt. I have this condition called Pelvic Girdle Pain ever since I was about 9 weeks pregnant. Now I'm already in my 33rd week so you imagine how much pain I've endured over the past 7 months.

So, this thing called Pelvic Girdle Pain is caused by
the softening, along with postural changes, muscle weakness and differences in the movement occurring between the left and right pelvic joints can cause too much stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis. There's no cure for this pain and it can only worsen as the pregnancy progresses.

I'm so looking forward
to the birth of my little baby girl in early September, to be able to hold her in my arms. After a month long confinement period, I hope hubby and I will be able to spend some time with our kids alone, perhaps to bring them on a family vacation. Talking about vacation, we haven't had one for a very long time already. I'll definitely suggest Azul Beach Hotel at Riviera Maya. I've read tonnes of good review on them and how the place has family-friendly amenities, perfect for a family like us. If it's just the two of us, maybe we'll even consider going to Hidden Beach Resort. LOL.

July 26, 2009

Finally, I have my very own blogshop

I'm so glad, my blogshop is almost up and running. I'm just trying to upload as many merchandises as possible before I announce it open. Running a blogshop has been one of my dream, but because I procrastinate too much too often, I always have that dream kept aside at the back of my mind. Finally, I took a bold step, and made a some sacrifices ( sleepless nights) to make it work. I'm so glad I did this.



A new template, a new look

If memory serves me right, it hasn't been long since I last change the template for this blog, but how can one resist such a nice looking template? Well, I wanted to use the revolution lifestyle blog template but I had problems modifying the layout element. So what I did was I uploaded the Revolution Church blog template, which is a black and grey theme template and changed the entire color theme to make it similar to the lifestyle template. It took me a couple hours to get it done but voila, how happy I am now, you have no idea. You should see the look on my face now! It's all worth it.

July 9, 2009

Too much money..

Lately, my son has this habit of saying this, "if we have too much money until we cannot finish, then we'll buy blah blah blah".Most of the time, by blah blah blah he meant things like a Lamborghini, a superbike or even a toy, things that we parents don't usually want to spend money on, a way of teaching our kids that like rare coins, money do not grow on trees. We parents got to work hard for it and we should not spend money unnecessarily.

So today, I asked him where are we going to get that much money, so much to a point we cannot finish spending it, his reply was a quick one. "I'll go to work together with daddy, then we'll earn a lot alot of money, then we save a lot of money to buy so many sports car.". Wow, mature thinking for a 3 years and 7 months old boy. Well, what can a father and his little son do to get that much of money I wonder? But never mind, as long as he knows he got to work for money, it's a good sign. But whatever that he wants to be, he also knows he got to study hard, then only he'll get to be what he wants to be. Be it a rally driver, a pilot, a policeman or even a car salesman, I guess all I can do is be a supportive mom. A supportive mom who will get a lot a lot of money from her darling son. LOL!

July 6, 2009

The must have: Mosquitoes Racket

One of the most useful tool in our house has got to be this one. We call it mosquito shock. Others might call it mossie racket, but because it sparks like fireworks every time you caught a mosquito. Pre mosquito-shock era, you have no idea how hard is it to kill a mosquito, 8 out of 10 times you missed a clap, and there you got pissed.

We have at least 3 shocks in the house at all times, and we make sure that it's always charged. And yes, it's rechargeable. They used to make this battery-operated ones, but those never last too long, and batteries can be very expensive too. These rechargeable ones are far better, and low in maintenance too. One racket cost only about 10 ringgit, but I'm sure it's way cheaper in China. But who cares, 10 ringgit is cheap enough, if it works well to get rid of mosquitoes.

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