July 6, 2009

The must have: Mosquitoes Racket

One of the most useful tool in our house has got to be this one. We call it mosquito shock. Others might call it mossie racket, but because it sparks like fireworks every time you caught a mosquito. Pre mosquito-shock era, you have no idea how hard is it to kill a mosquito, 8 out of 10 times you missed a clap, and there you got pissed.

We have at least 3 shocks in the house at all times, and we make sure that it's always charged. And yes, it's rechargeable. They used to make this battery-operated ones, but those never last too long, and batteries can be very expensive too. These rechargeable ones are far better, and low in maintenance too. One racket cost only about 10 ringgit, but I'm sure it's way cheaper in China. But who cares, 10 ringgit is cheap enough, if it works well to get rid of mosquitoes.


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