July 31, 2009

Never too old to learn

Without a computer, you're basically nowhere. And worse still, without Internet connection, you're just like a man stuck on an island, alone and miserable. I cannot imagine how my life will be without Internet. I'm online most of the time, blogging or just surfing the web for all kinds of reasons.

My mom, after seeing that we, her children are all so computer literate, she is now so tempted to get her hands on a laptop and she is very eager to learn how to use the computer so that she can go online too. Really, teaching her about computer will take a very long time as she's computer illiterate. But I'm sure with her determination, she will be an expert in no time. Maybe when she learnt how to use a computer, she might even want to get an online degree from Capella University.

Her interest has always been in the field of culinary. I'm sure Capella University will have a suitable graduate degree program for her since Capella is specially catered to providing online graduate school for working adults. Who know, my mom might one day be the world famous chef. Don't be surprise then.

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