July 9, 2009

Too much money..

Lately, my son has this habit of saying this, "if we have too much money until we cannot finish, then we'll buy blah blah blah".Most of the time, by blah blah blah he meant things like a Lamborghini, a superbike or even a toy, things that we parents don't usually want to spend money on, a way of teaching our kids that like rare coins, money do not grow on trees. We parents got to work hard for it and we should not spend money unnecessarily.

So today, I asked him where are we going to get that much money, so much to a point we cannot finish spending it, his reply was a quick one. "I'll go to work together with daddy, then we'll earn a lot alot of money, then we save a lot of money to buy so many sports car.". Wow, mature thinking for a 3 years and 7 months old boy. Well, what can a father and his little son do to get that much of money I wonder? But never mind, as long as he knows he got to work for money, it's a good sign. But whatever that he wants to be, he also knows he got to study hard, then only he'll get to be what he wants to be. Be it a rally driver, a pilot, a policeman or even a car salesman, I guess all I can do is be a supportive mom. A supportive mom who will get a lot a lot of money from her darling son. LOL!


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