July 31, 2009

Things has been slow

Since the launch of my blogshop, response has been slow, reason being there's not enough publicity on my blogshop. Well, I think I didn't work hard enough to promote my blogshop. The one thing I learned along the way is, to generate traffic to your blog, you need to frequent other people's blog, leave comment or leave them a message in their shoutout box, only then traffic will be redirected to your blog when visitors click on your link. Sounds easy peasy but it requires loads of work.

Nevertheless, this is only the start, I'm confident that my blogshop will soon be getting more traffic. I still have a few items I need to post up for sale. But I need to do some editing to the photos beforehand. I love a clean cut photos on the things I sell. Makes it all look more professional isn't it?


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