September 14, 2007

flip flops from china

flip flops, they are easy to wear, comfy, cheap and casual.

i bought 3 pairs of flip flops from the hypermarket this evenin. they sure are cheap, must be from china, anyone would have guess right.

then my b.i.l sent me this email with some yucky feets attached. i cannot clearly see the brand name of the flip flop, should i just chuck my new flip flops away?

this poor woman's feet is freakin me out. really, some heartless souls there in the mainland are so eager to make quick bucks, totally ignorin the safety rules to make things easier for them.

first the toys, then the food, now even their flip flops failed miserably. at this rate, china is so goin down for all we care.


ewwwwwww, so disgusting....i kam here bling you some coffee from my kopitiam to drink together but after seeing those pics, threw kopi away no appetitie liao, yuck!

haha, thanks for 'bringin' the coffee.

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